QualiTest Romania: A Test Center of Excellence

QualiTest Romania: A Test Center of Excellence

Software testing can be difficult.  Outsourcing your QA to QualiTest Romania assures software you can trust, while increasing coverage, catching problems earlier and reducing costs. 

Testing Needs

You need software testing assistance, which may include any combination of management, technicians, trainers or all of the above.  You’d like to cut costs by off-shoring some or all of the work, while maintaining cultural alignment and proximity to one of your global multinational offices.  QualiTest can organize, deploy and rescale the right combination of on-site, on-shore, off-shore and managed crowd testing for you with an EMEA country that’s aggressively priced.  We have a lot of experience where project testing components span multiple continents, including EE, Philips, Pepsi and Shaw Trust.

The Right Solution

QualiTest provides you with contextualized testing solutions that leverage deep understanding of your industry and regulatory demands with technology-specific competencies and unique testing-focused assets.  Our testing teams include industry subject matter experts, so we can provide Business Assurance to your business process.  By focusing on just software testing and business assurance, we ensure you receive the best quality standards while driving towards a more mature and effective testing process

Outsourcing your IT projects to QualiTest Romania in Bucharest offers you a solution with the following benefits:

  • Your cost savings is about 30%. 
  • Romania’s cultural alignment resembles Western Europe, which includes a multi-lingual highly-skilled tech-friendly workforce.
  • Romania’s time zone works well with EMEA nations, and convenient geographically for many.
  • Over half of the Romanian IT workforce is concentrated in Bucharest.

Why Romania?

Some quick IT and employment facts about Romania: 

  • Offshoring IT services to Romania has been growing over the past 10 years.  With a workforce of ~40,000 software testers to choose from, the number of Romanians working with software grew from 51,965 in 2010 to 89,683 in 2015. 
  • Eurostat data for 2015 says that Romania had 133,500 college graduates that year, which helps to provide an educated talent pool for the area including our Romanian Test Center of Excellence.
  • According to figures from U.N. Statistics Division, 2017, about 15% of Romania’s exported services were related to computer and IT.
  • Romania is among the top 10 countries globally for most certified IT specialists with 95,000, where about 50% are software developers.* 
  • Romania’s software tester concentration in almost 4 times the world average.** 

*Source: The labor market research firm Brainspotting 

**Source: https://www.qualitestgroup.com/resources/document/global-state-software-testers 

"The use of the off-shore resource was transparent to us. QualiTest managed this entirely and the volume, as well as quality of testing that was done in short timescales was excellent. The major factor in choosing the off-shore option was budget and I believe that this option provided the best value for money, combined with QualiTest on-site managing the off-shore resource, taking away any problem that can sometimes occur when off-shoring work. We would do this again, and I am recommending this approach to testing to other divisions within the group."

--Angus Gow, I Want One Of Those.

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