Legal Testing Services

Legal Testing Services

Qualitest’s expertise in legal software testing assists leading law firms in a seamless digital transformation, to achieve maximum efficiency in all legal processes.

The Need for Software Testing

The legal sector deals with massive amounts of highly sensitive customer data, crucial case files, vital billing and time-tracking information which require proper optimization and secure integration. Legal software applications may often contain bugs and glitches, which might interrupt your vital workflow and result in security breaches.

Our well-planned testing strategy can help counter any possible blockage due to functional anomalies and ensure finest performance of your legal software. Qualitest’s comprehensive and effective software testing solutions can enable law firms to leverage technology to the optimum, while keeping their confidential data secured.

Our tailor-made services for the legal sector include:

  • Functional testing to ensure complete test coverage and accuracy in case management suites
  • Performance testing to ensure stability and precision of billing and time-tracking information
  • Risk assessment to validate privacy, and secure sensitive information
  • Cyber-security testing to detect and prevent cyber-attacks

Quality engineers at Qualitest possess in-depth industry-specific knowledge of the functioning of applications, platforms and implementation needs of legal software.

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