SaaS and Cloud Solutions

QualiTest are the leader in the delivery of SAP testing SaaS solutions, providing more flexible ways to use testing tools than ever before

  • Ability to flex licensing to match varying demand
  • No upfront costs for software, hardware or implementation
  • Be up and running within days
  • Utilise the latest and best test tools for your project
  • Shift spending from capex to opex budgets


20% Average Cost Savings

     24 hrs System is Live

Products: QualiTest offer and support all SAP testing solutions, that you can try and buy at your convenience


Performance Center TAO Quality Center Loadrunner Fortify
Ideal for managing multiple projects and performance testing activities Accelerate testing with    SAP TAO, reducing effort   and shortening testing windows Manages testing across your enterprise and automates the delivery of secure, reliable and high-quality applications Generate real-life loads to identify performance problems and deliver world class applications Detect and identify security flaws in web and mobile apps with the best in security testing


4 Easy Steps To Transform Your Testing Capability

Step 1 Choose how long you would like the service for
Step 2 Decide how many users will need access and what they need access to, QualiTest can support you with this
Step 3 Select what level of support you require
Step 4 Decide whether to adopt QualiTest’s SAP best practice template or your own configuration


Why choose SaaS?

  • If you have limited budget or a project need
  • You are constrained by time, capacity or capability
  • You want SAP testing tools and are running a programme/project
  • Use SAP testing tools, supported by experts
  • Purchasing testing tools is prohibitive

SaaS benefits?

  • No upfront capital costs
  • Speed of deployment
  • Flexible, scalable model and customisable
  • Single vendor (software, hardware, admin)
  • Provides access to expertise
  • Access to the latest SAP testing software
  • Dedicated instance
  • Stable, reliable & secure

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