Building a Test Data Strategy

Building a Test Data Strategy

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Too much old data, storage issues, data inconsistency and slow response times?

  • Reduce data volume by up to 80%, provide consistent data, manage sensitive data and speed up response times in test environments
  • Resolve expensive and problematic data issues, such as increasing disk space costs and data quality.
  • Provide a clear direction on how and where test data tools fit within your system landscape.


  • Reduce data sets by up to 60%
  • Reduce infrastructure expenditure
  • Improve the quality of test data and therefore the quality of software developments
  • Enable testing to take place earlier in the process

The Importance of Strategy

Companies are facing a number of challenges, including; increasing costs of disk space and maintenance SAP®, a number of systems required across multiple projects and accurate data for testing, training and development. Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) was created to solve these expensive and problematic issues and can cut the volume of data in the test environment by up to 80%, reducing infrastructure expenditure whilst improving the quality of the test data and increasing development efficiency.

There are three core elements when determining a Data Strategy – Project Activity, Landscapes and Testing activities. Utilising Test Data Migration Server (TDMS) to drive Data Strategy, all three elements must be considered and support each other. This strategy service is for customers who are either considering the adoption of Test Data Migration Server or those who have already purchased and are looking for best practice.

1. Project Activity
How does data support these activities?
Assess immediate and upcoming work packages e.g.

  • BAU
  • Upgrades
  • Implementations
  • Patching/Enhancement Pack
  • Additional functionality

2. Landscapes
What data is required across each system within the landscape?

  • Refresh requirements/rate
  • Sensitive information and data scrambling
  • Where does TDMS fit? Define process for data refresh

3. Testing
What are the data requirements for each phase of testing?

  • Volumes required
  • Types of data – dependent on test phase
  • Test phases e.g. Functional, Technical, Performance and Regression

A Test Data Strategy will help you:

  • Identify what data is supplied and how
  • Manage ongoing demand for data
  • Enable people and processes to supply data
  • Gain clear direction on how and where TDMS fits in landscape and projects
  • Identify scrambling requirements
  • Provide accurate data for your teams
  • Identify roles and responsibilities for implementation and ongoing support
QualiTest will play a part in our future projects no question. The quality of their service allows us to take our testing to another level; not only in SAP but across other business systems too.

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We recommend…

  • Workshops with key team members to build a data strategy utilising TDMS that will support immediate and future requirements.
  • 10-15 days engagement (dependent on size of company, SAP landscape & activity).

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