Accessibility Testing

Accessibility Testing

1 in 5 Americans possess some form of disability, which may impact the way they interact with the web, requiring special attention.  QualiTest has established a unique accessibility testing service model, which includes testing compatibility with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards and ensuring accessibility for real people with disabilities and guaranteeing usability for all.

All visitors to your website, or users of your app or device, are entitled to a quality user experience.


  • Services are delivered through a dedicated team of accessibility experts in a combination of automated tools checking, manual functional testing and the involvement of people with genuine accessibility needs.
  • QualiTest supplies a detailed report outlining the areas of compliance and non-compliance, accompanied by recommendations and prioritization of areas that require solutions or improvements.
  • This process can be performed once at a fixed cost, or at regular intervals with an accessibility testing subscription.
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The great thing is costs were reasonable, my team didn't have to leave the office, it barely had an impact on workload, it addresses the need and desire for training and the team have a clearer view of test process and test techniques.

Glen Beckett, BSkyB

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