API Testing

API Testing

Whether you’re building an API or what APIs plug into, determining and executing all of the necessary test cases can be a complex task. QualiTest’s unique approach to API testing will save you time, money and the tedium of manual regression testing, addressing the overall architecture while using the best testing tools and testing approaches to focus on functional, inter-operational, performance and security testing.

API Today

APIs are the building blocks that support rapid software production that drives the flow of information. APIHound.com lists over 50,000 public APIs, and estimates are that there are over 8 times as many private APIs.

Agile and DevOps demand small components like APIs which can be assembled as part of a larger product. As such, API stability must succeed for functionality, performance (which may suffer under scalability) and security, before delivery for use in successful integrations.

Likewise, API documentation must be properly updated to reflect any software updates, especially regarding deprecation.  The benefits of not needing to know what happens inside the modular unit of the API are balanced by the necessity that everything works properly.

The Risks

The push to build APIs faster, cheaper and
better is demanding and full of risk.

As an API, the component does not need to be rebuilt dependent on the channel of access. Whether you are building your own APIs or trying to integrate with APIs, the goal of proper communication must succeed if software dependent on that API is to succeed. Picture yourself doing any of the following:

Calling a Windows routine

Posting to social media

Using a chatbot

Transacting through your smart device

Querying a database

Passing an endpoint

Making an online payment

Now imagine the chaos if one of these basic functions works inconsistently or problematically, multiplied by the number of times it is accessed

The QualiTest Solution

QualiTest is highly experienced with APIs, around modular/service testing across agile/waterfall and on public, private and partner integrations.

A subset of this includes working in agile and DevOps and REST and SOAP for many years as well as overseeing many overhauls of legacy systems to newer technology, upgrades to existing systems of networked APIs all across multiple industries, time zone APIs for auditing purposes, and integration testing your fit with third party APIs. Our automation experts allow us to build test suites prepared to give your APIs and integration routines a heavy workout 24×7, and our deep industry and technology knowledge ensure faster, better results. Simple API mocking allows for test automation to be fully constructed prior to the API itself, or virtualization can be used for a smarter simulation approach that is more realistic and scalable.

Most testing focuses on the obvious technical risks, without aligning to your critical business context. We take the bigger picture into account, seeing the union of software testing and business risks. Let us help you mitigate the business risks associated with these software components that will become the basis of your software solution.