Digital Testing Services

Digital Testing Services

Digital transformation is changing the competitive landscape in virtually every industry as businesses seek to differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Digital Testing

In today’s shift towards Agile and DevOps and frequent builds, companies demand faster, more comprehensive testing to improve quality and your time to market.

Digital testing enables digital transformation by reducing the business risk of implementing digital innovations that are intended to create an exceptional customer experience and that differentiates an organization from its competitors. QualiTest offers comprehensive digital testing solutions that ensure quality in complex digital innovations, while meeting speed to market and budget requirements.

When Diversity Demands Specialization

Digital testing brings together the challenges of testing complex digital innovations with an intense customer experience focus. Digital innovations come from many diverse areas of emerging technology. They include not only cloud, mobile and the social media, but also big data, analytics and AI. What’s more, the complexity of the testing is intensified as most digital innovations require integration into legacy systems. That’s why effective digital testing, especially in emerging technologies, requires specialized test techniques and new skill sets.

Digital Testing is Specialized Testing

As well as functional, security, performance and load testing, digital testing should cover API, network, machine learning and big data testing. The focus on customer experience requires usability, user-experience, globalization, localization and cross-browser testing on both web and mobile, as well as omni-channel testing.

In addition to innovation, digital transformations require accelerated speed to market. Testers must embrace Agile and DevOps methodologies, and manage the unpredictability that comes with testing within Agile and DevOps teams. Using AI tools, testers can increase test effectiveness, as the tool determines the areas of code where tests are most likely to fail and runs those specific tests.

The QualiTest Distinction

Quality is the key factor in digital transformation. It ensures not only your business-critical outcomes and your customers’ seamless experience, but most importantly, your organization’s reputation. For your customer, their digital experience is personal – they want their device, their browser, their data and preferences, all in their flavor. Delivering a great subjective user experience – one that is a basic requirement today, not an added luxury. QualiTest’s digital testing services make sure you get it right.

Our team of digital test specialists offers deep experience in all the complex technologies that are required for digital transformations. Using our own AI tool, Test Predictor, to target testing, we accelerate the test process and reduce business risk. Our digital test strategies improve quality, increase testing efficiency, accelerate testing cycles and ensure flawless customer experience.

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