Hardware Design and Verification

Hardware Design and Verification

The complexity of testing environments hinges on a structured methodology for hardware testing, results analysis and testing tools. Fortunately, QualiTest has the hardware knowledge and experience to detect critical faults at the design stage and provide maximal coverage of the test cases.

Deliverables of QualiTest’s Hardware Testing Services

  • Services are delivered by a dedicated team of hardware experts in a combination of test automation  checking and manual functional testing.
  • QualiTest supplies a detailed report outlining the areas of compliance and non-compliance, accompanied by recommendations and prioritization of areas that require solutions or improvements.
  • This process can be performed once at a fixed cost, or at regular intervals with a hardware testing subscription.
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The QualiTest team was responsive in meeting our needs on time, thorough in their inspection of the requirements, inquisitive to resolve ambiguities. They wrote a comprehensive test plan and executed to it, working with our global development team to validate the customer solution. We look forward to engaging them again soon.

Ross Parrent, Sr. Project Manager, AVAYA

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QualiTest’s Areas of Expertise in Hardware Testing include:

  • Design station simulation and verification
  • Manual testing using Matlab, Perl in Cadence environment, Synopsis for the RTL stage (Verilog, VHDL)
  • Automation tools implementation (for example, Specman)
  • Hspice implementation
  • Analog/mixed signal verification – interference testing, signal quality, and noises in the micro-architecture
  • FPGA tests – integration testing of the software and the board, definition of the testing environment and location of failures (wrong input definitions, synchronization, data integrity, etc )
  • Hardware/software synchronization testing
  • Board level validation – planning and implementing BIT (Built In Test), periodic/continuity
  • Final testing for systems and subsystems
  • Emission tests – RF/EMI/EMC testing
  • Environmental tests – heat, cold, shock
  • Acceptance tests – specification verification
Test Automation Services

The benefits of utilizing QualiTest’s Hardware Testing include:

  • Early Problem Remediation – QualiTest’s test schedule finds problems early in the development cycle.
  • Change Facilitation – Allows the programmer to re-factor code during the testing process and at a later date, while ensuring the system still works correctly.
  • Documentation – To learn the result of a hardware test, developers can review the supplied test documentation to gain a better understanding.
  • Competitive pricing – Take advantage of our existing operation at competitive pricing
  • Quality Improvement – Our experienced testing engineers can increase your testing coverage and assure new quality standards.
  • Quality Insight – QualiTest can provide you with peace of mind and assurance of a clear insight into the quality of your product.