QualiTest Automated Testing Service

QualiTest Automated Testing Service

Reduce cost – release resources – test more often

Benefits: Accelerate test execution by up to 80% and overall test cycles by up to 87%*

We reduced the time for each test on average by 50% and the time for each test cycle by up to 87%, taking it from two to three weeks down to two to three days

Head of Business Systems, Halfords

Testing is vital to every release, but manual testing can be a resource-intensive, laborious and time-consuming task. Test automation accelerates test execution times which not only reduces costs, but improves the efficiency of your test activity, without compromising the quality and integrity of your solution.

Time saving is the most noticeable benefit of automating your testing. In addition, automated testing minimises the pull on your internal or 3rd party resources, therefore resource that is normally required to manually build and execute tests can be reallocated to next generation projects.

Automation supports the drive for consistency and repeatability of testing across projects and BAU changes.

Additional benefits include the ability to test more often, weekly or even daily. QualiTest’s unique approach to automation is designed to reduce the complexity & effort in test maintenance, ensuring ROI for future years.

We start by working with process owners to determine which processes are critical to your business and therefore must be tested. This not only identifies the highest risk areas but also uncovers the areas where automation would create the most efficiencies and deliver the best results and ROI into the business.

Re-useable test assets

Automated testing builds components unique to your business, thus empowering internal teams to build automated business processes and form a tailored test pack to verify changes across SAP.

Combining our many years experience in automated testing with the knowledge of individual systems and applications, QualiTest forms a clear test automation strategy.

Our service delivers;

  • An automation assessment – what to automate/when
  • Software installation, set up & training
  • Identification & prioritisation of test scenarios
  • Knowledge transfer to internal teams
  • Execution of test scenarios
  • Test maintenance

Managed Service & Test Centre of Excellence

From small to medium or large automation projects, we tailor our services to align with your requirements. We deliver automated test assets and knowledge transfer, through to a managed service, utilising offshore efficiencies.

We recommend…

Building a business case

QualiTest has worked with numerous organisations to build a business case for automated testing. This service can include any of the following components:

  • ROI calculators
  • Proof of concept
  • Automation pilot

Automation as part of an upgrade

This is an effective means of maximising your return on the investment in resources and time. In our experience this approach delivers a compelling ROI business case.

Benefits of Automation

Reduce Testing Effort

  • Accelerated way to test automation
  • Reduce test cycles by 87%*
  • Accelerate test execution by 80%
  • Test with less effort and more often

Lower Risk

  • Lower risk after SAP solution updates with better testing coverage
  • Increased capacity for change

Lower Maintenance

  • Accelerated maintenance activities
  • Semi-automatic update of automated test cases

Automated Testing Indicative Savings*

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