SAP Cloud Testing Services

SAP Cloud Testing Services

QualiTest SAP Cloud Functional Testing ensures your Cloud application and broader landscape are tested efficiently allowing you to go live with confidence.

More and more applications are Cloud based and SAP are at the forefront of this revolution. Whether you are running Ariba, SuccessFactors or HANA the SAP Cloud Applications allow you to accelerate business change and drive innovation.

Cloud solutions present a range of unique challenges which businesses have never faced. There is often the perception that cloud applications are ‘Plug and Play’, but the reality for most businesses is there is still a vast amount of configuration and customisation on the cloud application itself as well as integrating your wider enterprise. This is compounded by increasing demands of tech savvy users.

How do you maintain an integrated enterprise landscape?

Cloud testing is typically focused on a specific application, failing to take into consideration your enterprise landscape. Your end goal is ensuring your business can operate regardless of underlying technologies. Users have little consideration of technology, but strong views on how good an application is.

QualiTest SAP Cloud Functional Testing ensures your Cloud application and broader landscape are tested efficiently allowing you to go live with confidence.

How do you maintain performance and scalability?

In order to guarantee great user experience your approach needs to target your integrated landscape as well as your Cloud application.

QualiTest SAP Cloud Performance Testing will pinpoint any performance issues across your Cloud and integrated landscape. This allows you to plan for peak business periods and future growth.

Do you have enough time to test your solution completely?

Environment availability and staggered component delivery are common challenges when testing Cloud applications. Service Virtualisation provides the solution. Service Virtualisation mimics your integrated landscape allowing you to test with systems still in development. Defects are identified as early as possible and your time to go live is significantly reduced.

Why QualiTest

Our unique position in the market is maintained through the deployment of local market‐based, highly skilled professionals whose expertise, knowledge and skill-sets are industry benchmarks.

QualiTest’s proven methodology, strategic partnerships and collaborative approach are industry benchmarks for the delivery of testing services with clear and tangible benefits.

We start every project with an in‐depth consultation and, working with your in-house team, create a full lifecycle solution to help you successfully manage the project outcome.

Our focus is on the best business outcomes: delivering lower TCO, higher speed implementation, full compliance and sustainability, a motivated workforce and an appreciative end‐user.


Our consultants work as part of your team to provide seamless alignment. This ensures that your end­‐users notice the improvements rather than the activity it took to get there. We take responsibility for crucial data migration and testing stages, making sure you have all the support and training you need for managing core system changes.


Our partner alliances with SAP, HP and IBM give us privileged access to key industry innovations and processes. These collaborations ensure that we are at the forefront of technology and enable us to share expertise and insights to achieve superior results, built around your requirements.


We know the challenges you face in either deploying or maintaining mission critical IS systems and offer a broad portfolio of services and methodologies to help you explore and navigate a new generation of business technology solutions.

We can help you reach new thresholds of performance to resolve today’s issues and meet tomorrow’s challenges.

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