Software Testing Training Courses

Software Testing Training Courses

It can be difficult for you to increase in-house QA knowledge on testing principles, test planning, test methodology and test automation. Training with QualiTest’s experienced test experts will create more knowledgeable IT professionals with a diverse skill set, while also deepening personal understanding of the software testing and development process.

Course Details

QualiTest’s course instructors combine extensive formal education, software testing expertise, and real-world experience to deliver focused, interactive, and highly effective training. Our instructors will work carefully with course attendees in whichever way works best for your specific needs.

QualiTest has tailored many of our courses to testing processes and software products used and created by our clients. We’re willing and able to customize any of our testing training courses to accommodate your unique training needs or special training requests.


All courses are taught to groups of 3 or more persons on dates convenient to your company. Courses can be tailored to your process and/or software products. Location options include, but are not limited to:

  1. a training room in your office
  2. a conference room in your office
  3. a conference center near your office

Please note that QualiTest currently does not teach training courses to the “general public”. Our courses are taught only upon request to corporations wishing to train groups of 3 or more people.

Software Testing Principles and Testing Methodologies

QualiTest’s Software Testing Principles and Testing Methodologies classes discuss techniques and principles associated with manual testing and fundamentals.

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Emerging Software Technologies

QualiTest’s Emerging Software Technologies courses discusses fundamentals of programming, such as XML, SQL and hacking techniques.

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Automated Testing

QualiTest’s Automated Testing course discusses the fundamentals of writing test cases for automated testing.

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Business Analyst Training

QualiTest’s Business Analyst Training teaches students to elicit, analyze, validate and document business, organizational and operational requirements.

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