XML for Software Testers Course

XML for Software Testers Course

QualiTest’s XML for Software Testers course provides students with a firm understanding of the concepts needed to effectively test applications developed with XML-related technologies. This course provides a foundation of knowledge of various XML technologies, and provides hands-on experience specifically for testers.

Course Objectives

  • Identify the various components of an XML document
  • Distinguish between DTD’s and XML Schemas
  • Effectively understand the interactions between XML and an RDBMS
  • Effectively identify key areas of focus when testing XML technologies
  • Create test cases and scenarios to test components for functional integrity

Audience Prerequisites

The course is intended for beginner or intermediate testers, analysts and engineers who need to develop a working knowledge of XML to support their testing efforts.

Course Length, Format, and Logistics

  • Course length: 2 days
  • Course format: Lecture plus individual and group exercises and discussions.
  • Course logistics: Each attendee is provided with his/her own copy of the course manual and exercise set. Attendees do not need access to personal computers or workstations.