Performance Testing Analysis and Planning

Performance Testing Analysis and Planning

The Performance Testing Analysis tutorial is a one-day case study of Performance Testing for an eBusiness application. The case study will involve analyzing the hardware platform, understanding the operational profiles and examining the actual test results. This course requires 90% analysis effort and 10% tools.

Course Objectives

  • Learn Test Performance Testing Concepts
  • Design Performance Tests
  • Examine a Case Study – eBusiness Application
  • Define Tasks, Roles, Skills, Responsibilities, Deliverables

Audience Prerequisites

No prior experience with performance analysis methods is required, although a basic understanding of the web and basic algebra are helpful. Bring a calculator to help you work through the results in the case study.

Course Length, Format, and Logistics

  • Course length: 1 day
  • Course format: Lecture plus individual and group exercises and discussions.
  • Course logistics: Each attendee is provided with his/her own copy of the course manual and exercise set. Attendees do not need access to personal computers or workstations.