Software Testing Techniques

Software Testing Techniques

QualiTest’s Software Testing Techniques training course provides an introduction to various software testing techniques, including testing terminology, planning and organizing, deciding which types of testing to use, creating tests which provide the most coverage for the fewest number of tests, and reporting test results.

Course Objectives

  • Understand testing terminology
  • Know the contents of test document
  • Understand the various types of testing
  • Know the basic techniques for deriving test cases
  • Learn some basic strategies for the overall test effort

Audience Prerequisites

The course is intended for beginner or intermediate testers, analysts and engineers who need to develop a working knowledge of software testing methodology. While no previous testing experience is assumed, knowledge of various software applications is helpful. Experience in ad-hoc testing is helpful, but not required.

Course Length, Format, and Logistics

  • Course length: 2 days
  • Course format: Lecture plus individual and group exercises and discussions.
  • Course logistics: Each attendee is provided with his/her own copy of the course manual and exercise set. Attendees do not need access to personal computers or workstations.