Writing Test Plans

Writing Test Plans

QualiTest’s Test Plans Writing tutorial is a hands-on training introduction to writing test plans. Without solid test plans, it’s difficult to determine how to repeat a test, as well as what’s been tested and what hasn’t been. In this tutorial, you will learn the constitution of a solid test plan, the various test plan types, and how to manage estimation and timing issues.

Course Objectives

  • Learn to properly plan out your time, schedule and requirements
  • Learn how to estimate the best format for your project and team
  • Learn what should be included in the test plan document(s)
  • Discover how the types/phase of testing affects the contents and format

Audience Prerequisites

Class attendees are typically QA testers, analysts and engineers who have been primarily testing in an ad-hoc fashion and are looking to apply more formal techniques. Some familiarity with testing is assumed.

Course Length, Format, and Logistics

  • Course length: 1 day
  • Course format: Lecture plus individual and group exercises and discussions.
  • Course logistics: Each attendee is provided with his/her own copy of the course manual and exercise set. Attendees do not need access to personal computers or workstations.

NOTE: QualiTest also offers a course for writing test plans for automation.