Release Management

Release Management

It can be challenging to know what testing skills and knowledge are required when initiating release management.  QualiTest’s Release Management services ensure that your product’s life cycle is comprehensively managed, with a focus on continuous integration and SDLC processes.

Release Management  is essential to ensure your product quality

Questions like the following are crucial for consideration:

  • What is the current state of my release management?
  • How do I establish a regular release cycle?
  • How  much can we successfully automate, and what are the best automation tools?
  • Where are our testing assets?
  • How can we maintain a testing workforce to meet the peaks and troughs of our demand?

Recognize, strengthen and enhance your release management process

To meet this challenge, QualiTest will establish a customized plan that includes:

  • Organization and mapping of all existing relevant  processes
  • Analyses of relevant processes
  • Creation of a knowledge overview of your test team
  • Development of a comprehensive release management platform
  • Development of training programs to cover your testing methodologies and your systems under test
QuliTest Business process review design

Benefits of QualiTest’s Release Management Consulting

 We provide you with a release management process that gives the support needed to deliver better product quality that is efficient and effectively keeps costs down while improving time to market.

  •  Flexibility  — With everyone using consistent information, the impact of new changes in a release schedule can be understood more quickly in order to respond more efficiently and flexibly
  •  Improved resource allocation  — Our Release Management process clearly defines knowledge and skills correlated to your specific resources,  enabling better resource allocation and a springboard for release  development
  •  Improved resource management  — Enable your business people to supplement the testing effort by providing the basic level of understanding and skills to be an effective member of the release management team.
  •  Reduced costs  — Reduce time and costs by eliminating duplicate activities and increasing collaboration and productivity.
  • Improved Product Quality  — Specifically designed modules address the testing needed by the development team and business users to ensure a high quality product gets to market.