Accelerate your SAP HANA® Testing with Qualitest

Accelerate your SAP HANA® Testing with Qualitest

Accelerate your SAP HANA® Testing with Qualitest

Managing the relational database management system that is SAP HANA may be one of the most complex backbones of your entire ERP system, impacting areas including BI, Analytics, Finance, cloud, and mobile.



The SAP HANA® platform, SAP’s fastest growing technology ever, promises exceptional transaction and analytic performance. As an in-memory database, it combines real-time analytics with transactional information enabling faster processing, rewarding automated processes with great time savings.


SAP HANA implementation depends on your company size, use cases and budget. Approaches range from technical upgrades, where the database is migrated to SAP HANA, to implementing S/4 HANA including its new solutions such as SAP Simple Finance and SAP BW.  The approach determines the underlying SAP code changes, defining the testing required for your implementation.


S/4 HANA Simple Finance and most of the new solutions from SAP that are based on SAP HANA provide users with new solutions experiences such as SAP Fiori and SAP Screen Personas, built with a friendly and customizable layout.  However, there are several changes that require proper navigation we can manage for you.

Mobile Devices

Mobile devices complicate your system landscape, and their custom code (for example order taking) must suffer no disruption. Our HANA, cloud and mobile experience includes projects at the largest European DIY retailer, the UK’s leading food wholesaler and the UK’s largest manufacturer and supplier of fitted kitchens.  Our teams help you scope your HANA testing to fit your business process. For example, for a technical upgrade of your database, we will prioritize the custom code affected based on your critical business processes and define the test scope.


We cover all areas of HANA functional, performance and security testing including test strategy, test management, scripting, execution, tuning and reporting. Our optimized testing approach using the best tools including our proprietary accelerators (such as risk based testing, and BW on HANA off the shelf SIT scripts) meet your needs while cutting testing time.  We recommend using the suite HP Testing Tools; HP Application Lifecycle Management, HP LoadRunner for your performance testing and HP Unified Functional Testing combined with SAP Test Acceleration and Optimization for automation.


We will work on-site with you with our test center analyst team based in Staines, UK providing complementary services from scripting to execution at offshore rates with none of the downside of offshore resource management.


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SAP HANA is designed for use in the cloud. The cloud, as we have come to know it, brings many things to the end user – the ability to (as SAP calls it) “run simple”, with far fewer technical barriers to consider as well as faster innovation – to name but a few.
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SAP Simple Finance, on-premise edition

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