Automation Testing: How Experior’s SAP business process experience delivers added value

Automation Testing: How Experior’s SAP business process experience delivers added value

Automation Testing: How Experior’s SAP business process experience delivers added value


Automation Testing: How Experior’s SAP business process experience delivers added value

Every client has been there before.  A slight change in code with an unknown regression impact is released into the Production System and then everything falls over. End-users are not able to carry out core Business Processes, error messages are all over the place and the entire project team start to panic!

A robust Manual Regression Test suite should fish out any potential defects before transports are moved into the Production system. However, executing Manual tests can take time, take valuable business resources away from their core activities and can restrict the speed of change deployment.


Regression Test scenarios are generally the most suitable candidates for Automation. Automating your Regression Test pack means you can execute them faster, more frequently, while eliminating any human errors during execution.


Before embarking on any Automation Project, the environment has to be stable and a well-defined Manual Regression Test Pack has to be in place.


In a recent engagement Experior were asked by a major FMCG Customer to help Automate their Regression Test suite. Our approach was simple:

  • Review the existing Manual Regression Test Pack
  • Assess the current Regression Test scenarios from a technical, frequency of use, likelihood of change and complexity point of view
  • Lastly, recommend a list of proposed scenarios that are the most suitable candidates for Automation which deliver the most value


As simple as this sounds this proves to be a very effective approach across all of our Automation projects.


During our review and assessment of the Regression Test scenarios we realized that the tests have been built as System/ Unit tests. Not only that, they have also been built in isolation, without the involvement of the necessary Business Process Owners.


Therefore, we advised the client in order to maximize the value of automation End to End Business Process Tests would be required which have a wider coverage in terms Requirement Traceability.

Due to our SAP business process knowledge, we were able to assist the client in defining more relevant regression scenarios which focused on the core functionality.


Our engagement proved to be a successful one as through the implementation of the Automated Regression Test pack we were able to:

  1. Reduce testing effort by 98% compared to manual testing, a saving of 78 hours
  2. Enable the Client Test Team to be proficient in Automation equipping them with the necessary skills required for future Automation Projects
  3. Enhanced their Manual Regression Test pack delivering integrated tests providing End to End business coverage


Regardless of the project complexity, allowing time for careful planning and preparation, following a well-defined testing process with Automation at its core, you can successfully prevent projects from going over budget, deliver projects in a timely manner and prevent unexpected bugs from creeping into the Production System.  Furthermore, who doesn’t want to save 78 hours each time they release changes into their Production environment!


If you would like to find out more information on Experior’s approach to delivering Automation through our Automation Assessment service or learn how we can support the ongoing maintenance of automated tests through our Regression Managed Service get in touch.


Originally posted March 10, 2017, by Alliyy Alao