Graduate views on Experior

Graduate views on Experior

Graduate views on Experior


Graduate views on Experior


If you want to know more about working for Experior as a graduate then read what four of our most recent joiners have to say about us. Think this is just marketing hype? Then send a resume to us through (which includes the Experior SAP division) and we will put you in direct touch with any of our recent recruits so you can get to hear what life is like first-hand.


“I would recommend working for Experior, it’s an exciting company to work at with lots going on. With the Test Center there is a great base to learn all the skills I need in a supportive environment for a future consulting role. There has been lots of training from consultants teaching me around the core areas of SAP, testing and Experior’s methodology, which I’ve found interesting and important for the role. I enjoy the people I work with. At the office I have exposure to a variety of co-workers in different roles, from the CEO to the HR team to other test center graduates. This is great as you gain an understanding of what everyone does in their roles, and communicate with them on a daily basis. Settling in has been a smooth process and overall I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Experior to other graduates looking for a role in an exciting industry.“

James – joined Experior 2015


“I’m glad to have chosen the Experior graduate program because right now I feel that I’m learning a lot in the field which I like the most, automation testing. The experience with my colleagues has been helpful which motivates me every day at work and the environment at Experior is very friendly and welcoming. Since you are learning every day new procedures and techniques, every time you raise a question any team member will be more than happy to help you out. For all these reasons I encourage anyone thinking of a graduate program in this field to join Experior.”

Ana-Maria – joined Experior 2015


“If you’re a graduate who seeks early responsibility, an opportunity to add real value to a team and have total control over your development, then Experior is the perfect place to start your career. Working at Experior has been a pleasurable experience. The company culture is one that provides a strong support network and encourages you to achieve your full potential. Everyone is willing to help and there is no such thing as a silly question. I have most enjoyed being able to get my hands dirty soon after joining Experior. Having the opportunity to get involved in a real project has accelerated my learning and given me a real sense of responsibility. You will without doubt develop skills that will hold you in good stead for the future. Early responsibility, a fantastic company culture and the ability to grow quickly through the ranks and have complete control over your career, are three reasons as to why I would recommend Experior”

Adiza – Joined Experior 2015


“It’s been a pleasure working for Experior in the past few months. I am equally challenged and supported at work every day with good team support from the seniors. As graduates recruits we had initial training and early on we were given direct responsibility on real world projects with good guidance from the manager. Our office owns a very forward thinking environment and I have enjoyed sharing space with a lot of insightful seniors from various backgrounds. I am looking forward to learn more from the test center and become a consultant for Experior in the near future. In three words I would summarize my experience with Experior as engaging, encouraging and excellent!”

Joseph – Joined Experior 2015


Originally posted September 23, 2015, by administrator, Experior Group