Let’s Talk SAP Plant Maintenance and Testing

Let’s Talk SAP Plant Maintenance and Testing

Let’s Talk SAP Plant Maintenance and Testing


Let’s Talk SAP Plant Maintenance and Testing


Let’s start with the beginning – what is Plant Maintenance? Plant Maintenance (PM) is a component within SAP which allows an organization to plan maintenance activities on assets, in order to maintain the ideal condition of those assets for as long as possible. The maintenance activities can cover regular maintenance activities (planned maintenance) or activities to repair faults or breakdowns (unplanned maintenance).


We do planned and unplanned maintenance all the time in our own lives – your car is a great example. For most of us car maintenance involves an annual trip to the main dealership (or your friendly mechanic of choice) to undertake the 10,000-mile maintenance. You can expect your oil and spark plugs to be changed, if you’re lucky your tire tread is measured and inevitably you get charged a lot of money. Some of us may do a little more ourselves, maybe monthly checking and topping up of the oil level and windscreen fluid levels, and checking the tire pressures. Personally, that is about the limit of my knowledge when it comes to maintaining cars. But why do we do this?


The answer is simple. We do it to ensure that the car will run as effectively and efficiently as possible. We want to make sure whenever we need to use it, it does not break down in the middle of the motorway. It is the same with your physical assets. They need to be regularly maintained to ensure that they produce your roof tiles, steel products or whatever you use your physical assets for. The objective of maintenance is to maintain a high level of asset availability, preventing degeneration and maintaining the optimal utilization life of an organization’s physical assets.


Therefore your SAP PM module has to be working correctly, to ensure that the maintenance routines are produced correctly, and costs are allocated to the correct general ledger account. How can you be sure that all these processes are working? By having them tested by experts when SAP PM is installed, and this is where Experior are your specialists.


Being part of the SAP suite of modules, the PM module is linked to many other SAP modules, including; Materials Management, Finance, Procurement, Project Systems, Production Planning, Warehouse Management, Quality Management, to name but a few, plus maybe some external systems and services. SAP PM is part of a full end-to-end process and is not usually found in all companies or organizations, as it is not always recognized as a ‘core’ SAP module.


This means PM expertise can be spread thinner than across the core modules, but Experior have PM testing and support expertise gained across many industry areas. We understand SAP testing, and we are the only company granted SAP Partner status for testing SAP in the UK. We can ensure that your PM processes have been tested and work correctly, integrate with other SAP modules, with the knowledge that SAP will do what it should do when it should do it.


Experior is well placed to provide your testing requirements within the PM SAP module, based on our unique risk based testing methodology. We work with each company to define and scope business scenarios and processes, assess and agree the risks associated with each business process, and then script the highest priority business processes.


Experior is building a suite of re-usable test business components of standard SAP transactions – IW21, IW31, IW41, IW38 for notifications and breakdowns; IA05, IP11, IK01, IK11, IP41, IP42, IP10 for routine maintenance – to build SAP standard end-to-end processes that can be adapted to suit your company. By having this suite of test components and processes, we can provide a head start when it comes to scripting tests, reducing the amount of time needed to create and build those tests, saving you money, but not reducing the quality and integrity of the testing.


Think of us as having the tools and understanding that your car mechanic has. After all, when you want to keep that car on the road, you turn to those who understand cars. Experior understands SAP testing, and understands the SAP PM module, so turn to us for that expertise to ensure your SAP PM module works as it should, when you need it.


Originally posted April 20, 2016, by Martin Hammond