SAP Testing Assets

SAP Testing Assets

SAP Testing Assets

Our assets, which include SAP technology, tools, and knowledge,
enable us to deliver the best testing solutions in the world


Our 15+ years of SAP business process understanding and data modeling are enhanced by our equally important collection of specialty assets we’ve adapted to assist our quality work including:

  • Test Script Library – Our ‘out of the box’ scripts help accelerate test development, pulled from our library of hundreds of reusable components across core SAP modules. Complex BI solutions include various data sources, several front ends, multiple outbound systems such as BPC and, increasingly, social media. These include BI specific scenarios and test plans cutting scenario development time by about 40%, testing both function and performance.


  • Risk-Based Testing for SAP – Combining an RBT toolset, defined methodologies and accelerators for scoping SAP, we utilize methods proven to deliver zero critical production incidents. Scoping and prioritizing the scenarios ensure that business critical areas are tested first. This approach has enabled us to reduce costs by up to 25%. Further cost reduction can be achieved by introducing test automation, with time reductions of up to 75%.


  • QualiTest Testing Analytics – The Experior Dashboard automatically extracts and consolidates data across multiple projects/programs, providing live analytics to gain insight and optimize shift-left focus. Status and progress reports provide customizable visuals and measures, assembled in our user-friendly dashboard. Graphs provide easy access to the raw data behind them, are readily filterable with both drill-down and drill-up. The dashboard is implemented in parallel with our AMS system, which is designed to provide end-user support for customer testing tools, and can also be used to monitor statistics behind tickets raised to our helpdesk, to help summarize details about the issues faced.


  • Experior Testing Cloud – In under 24 hours, we can activate a live Test Management system on a public or private cloud which is scalable from you long-term steady state to high volume project peaks. Utilizing either a full SaaS solution or simple cloud hosting of SAP testing tools like HP ALM/Quality Center, we can offer you a cloud-based hosting option in place of managing your own infrastructure, with incremental licenses on a rental basis to scale with demand, and reselling you HP’s application maintenance to provide you with the benefits of a “one stop shop” for all aspects of your QC deployment.


Testing your patience

Research from a survey of 60 global SAP customers has shown that at least 40% of organizations who have implemented SAP are reluctant to upgrade to the latest software versions. This reluctance stems, primarily, from the perceived cost overruns and failures to deliver on time these large scale projects have become known for. The main cause for the adversity to upgrading is also rooted in concerns, by tech-led end users, over testing and the quality of test scripts and overall methodology that are commonly in play today. Read more now >