SAPUI5 & SAP Fiori

SAPUI5 & SAP Fiori

SAPUI5 & SAP Fiori

These powerful new tools integrate you into the UI that matters so much to the user experience of your users


SAPUI5 and Fiori

SAP Fiori and SAPUI5 was a big leap forward from what was a very traditional and largely unfriendly UI for SAP. But as digital transformation and user experience demand, this SAP combo forms a powerful way to create new web-friendly enterprise applications that are device-agnostic. Aside from usability, the ability to mask information for specific users based on authorizations also has major benefits. However, this creates additional dimensions of complexity when testing, as the original process flow and screens need to be validated, along with user specific versions. Consideration needs to be given to browsers, devices and use cases. In addition, performance needs to be considered, as information may be pulled from multiple sources.


Testing is not only about testing the digital front-end, but the integrated platform beneath the UI. Fully understanding the business processes being supported and the variants needed to fully validate your solution is the key to ensure end-to-end testing success.

  • Our SAP team has the process and technology knowledge to require significantly less SME time than normal testers
  • As automated SAP testing experts, we know how to utilize SAP Test Automation to leverage reductions in time, cost and risk of your business change
  • Performance testing and knowing where to target is key to the successful adoption of any digital platform
  • Our methodology and approach mean we typically accelerate project timescales by up to 25% while reducinge the total cost of testing by up to 15%; projects go live with typically zero P1 defects (thus ensuring a superior user experience)
  • We are willing to state the truth, however unpalatable to help focus on what is right for our customers not just for us; we deliver what we say we will deliver to mitigate risk from complex projects


Don’t be scared, Performance Testing is just testing …

In the testing world we’re sometimes guilty of making the simple look complex maybe even more so with in Performance Testing! However when you lift the bonnet on the dark arts of Performance testing you will find that it is just like any other type of testing. Its central purpose is that of risk mitigation and demonstrating that the solution delivered meets its requirements.
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