The Hybris Report

The Hybris Report

The Hybris Report


The Hybris Report


Picture this: your customer walks into your shop. After a little browsing, they find the items they want, and then a notification pops up on their phone saying ‘Hey, did you know we have an offer on this product today’? Intrigued, the customer logs on to the site and (upon seeing the offer on the item), decides to complete the purchase then and there.


It all sounds a bit ‘Minority Report’ (you know, that Tom Cruise film with the Pre-Cogs. Along with a brief spin off TV Series), with a store knowing what you’re looking at, and using this data to give you offers on things you may also be interested in… but with Hybris this is something that companies can now actually aim for. With the integrated marketing and promotional aspect of Hybris, companies can deliver truly personalized ‘Marketing for One’ rather than the current “broadcast” style we are all used to.


So can Experior help get us there, I hear you cry? There’s a few reasons why we’re the partner you need to make this vision become reality.


First, we look at the business processes you use and how they integrate across the systems. There’s no point in pushing promotions to people if they’re irrelevant, and if the customer can’t buy the product there and then people will forget/lose faith in you.


By using our Risk Based Testing methodology, we can make sure that the high risk and high usage processes are tested effectively.


Second, we have plenty of experience with Hybris. In previous projects with the platform we have found that the major pain points for Hybris testing are around the interfaces into and out of Hybris. Comprehensive testing of these interfaces helped to flush out as many issues as possible. The end result of this process is clear: a better product ready to go at the Go Live Date.


Finally, there is the setup of the UI in Hybris itself. With any product that requires configuration, making sure that the system looks how it was blueprinted and spec’d up ensures that you get what you were expecting, and most importantly, that Hybris looks clean and works well for your customers.


By making sure that your scoping and risk analysis is done effectively up front gives you the peace of mind that you have the right tests to flush out these issues during the System and Integration Testing Phases.


As we move forward into the future, real time and relevant advertising will help to grow your company and brand. As said in Minority Report: ‘Everybody Runs’, but with Experior, you’ll run better than your competitors, from day one.


Originally posted April 19, 2016, by Tony Esposti