Upgrades, Enhancement Packs and Support Packs

Upgrades, Enhancement Packs and Support Packs

Upgrades, Enhancement Packs and Support Packs

Application updates for full versions, enhancement packs and support packs require testing to ensure seamless integration into your end-to-end system


SAP Updates for EHPs and Support Packs

SAP EHPs are a necessary and time consuming part of your enterprise estate. It is not unusual to be several EHPs behind and take additional time and effort to play catch-up at wider intervals. Depending on the EHP you are moving from and to will dictate the level of underlying change and therefore the amount of testing you need to do. For example, the move to EHP 7 or EHP 8 is more like a full upgrade to enable the path to SAP HANA.


Unsurprisingly there is a considerable investment on impact analysis, correction of your custom code and testing to ensure nothing has really changed and your business is uninterrupted by this technical exercise. Finding ways to cut down the testing effort and time, by knowing what and where to test has major advantages over the normal blanket testing conducted by a team that doesn’t understand the technical changes occurring within an EHP or the potential business impact and therefore priority of testing across your business processes. A lot of testing is repeated time and again, so the investment in reusable test assets and a data model to support test execution is key to accelerating the whole process. Test automation is the next level to truly speed up and ensure quality across your core business processes. At Experior we help customers tackle the EHP challenge by:

  • Impact Analysis – knowing what to test and utilizing risk-based techniques along with technical impact tools to provide the best balance between time/effort & quality
  • Reusable assets – genuinely reusable manual tests that can be easily repeated and using our component build approach can be used to quickly expand out to create additional scenarios
  • Test Automation – covering your core business processes, ensuring the test pack is robust and handles all underlying data so it is truly ‘lights out’ execution and simple to maintain
  • Reducing time – without reducing quality. EHPs need to completed as fast as possible, as they are the blocker for other changes in your pipeline. We specialize in reducing the time it takes to complete your EHP



Testing your patience

Research from a survey of 60 global SAP customers has shown that at least 40% of organizations who have implemented SAP are reluctant to upgrade to the latest software versions. This reluctance stems, primarily, from the perceived cost overruns and failures to deliver on time these large scale projects have become known for. The main cause for the adversity to upgrading is also rooted in concerns, by tech-led end users, over testing and the quality of test scripts and overall methodology that are commonly in play today.
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