Work Smarter, Live Better in a Testing World

Work Smarter, Live Better in a Testing World

Work Smarter, Live Better in a Testing World


Work Smarter, Live Better in a Testing World


“Work Smarter: Live Better” by Cyril Peupion is a book which focuses on how to become more effective by working smarter, which ultimately helps you to live better. It is surprising how effective his insight is – and how easily his principles can be applied to being a better business, as well as a better person.


The common themes focus on efficiency and effectiveness habits and how these two areas impact personal performance. Efficiency habits focus on the “how”, and effectiveness habits are focused on the “what” – but the key concept both of these areas have an impact on is time.


Time is more than money


We take time for granted and often place more value on money than time – this is a mistake, time is more valuable than we think.


One simple example talked about in the book is that more often than not people accept meeting invites without completely knowing for sure the purpose of the meeting, why you need to be there and the benefit to the individual in attending. However if someone asked you to give them £200 you would probably ask what they needed it for and need reasons as to why you should give them the money – therefore why don’t we do the same when people ask for our time?


It’s all about being effective and efficient with your time


If we expand the idea of efficiency and effectiveness of time and view it from an organizational perspective rather than an individual, we start to realize the cumulative value and impact. Eliminating a meeting and simply sharing the necessary knowledge via other means results in not just massive savings for yourself, but this is multiplied by every participant in the meeting. Therefore as a leader of an organization asking yourself whether your teams are both effective and efficient is incredibly important.


For individuals and organizations to be effective they need to be focused on the right things which should be defined by the overall strategy. It is then important to ensure daily tasks are aligned to the strategy to drive effective working. Without this, people will work on what they think is important or become inefficient by the daily distractions. As the book quotes “Tactics without a strategy is the noise before defeat”.


If you’re in IT, this process should be starting to sound familiar.


The themes in the book trigger a number of parallels when looking at good software testing vs bad software testing. At Experior we aim to enable organizations to work smarter by being more effective and efficient when it comes to testing.


Value of time:

  • Our Consultants are experienced in SAP and its business applications so they don’t need as much time from business representatives to define and scope test scenarios
  • We know that testing cannot be an endless activity therefore we use a Risk Based Testing approach, this helps to target testing in the right areas by assessing the business criticality and technical impact. Using this approach drives down testing effort and associated timelines

Effective testing:

  • Our Testing Strategy Service helps organizations to define an appropriate strategy that is aligned to their business goals and aspirations
  • Some organizations understand that testing is not their area of expertise and so as part of their strategy supplement their team with our UK based Test Centre to support their test script creation and execution

Efficient testing:

  • To ensure that testing is delivered in the right way we provide Managed Test Services to fully deliver testing for organizations or supplement their existing teams with or with the utilization of our UK based Test Center
  • We deploy testing standards to define and create test scripts to ensure quality and an efficient way to test
  • Test management tools aim to drive efficiency but not every organization has the capacity to maintain them. This is where our Application Managed Services comes in to provide fully supported and maintained testing tools


Organizations that are less effective and efficient when it comes to testing often see prolonged testing windows, greater defect volumes and post production incidents as well as a higher proportion of project spend related to testing.


So remember, working hard is not always working smart. The key to driving individual and company performance is ensuring you know what to test and to test in the right way. This is what makes you and your organization more efficient and effective, enabling you to work smarter and live better.


Originally posted March 21, 2016, by Matthew Dickinson