OSS and Monitoring

OSS and Monitoring

JDSU acceSS7 is a distributed OSS that collects and analyzes messages from the SS7 links from a variety of wireless or wireline technologies. By mining and interpreting the signaling data on the SS7 network, acceSS7 provides real-time and historical information on the network, calls and services.

JDSU acceSS7 is a distributed OSS that collects and analyzes messages from the SS7 links from a variety of wireless or wireline technologies, including GSM, GPRS, optical, fixed voice, NgN, VoP and IP networks. It is totally switch-independent, providing a comprehensive, impartial view of what is happening on the network even during fault conditions. By mining and interpreting the signaling data on the SS7 network acceSS7 provides real-time and historical information on the network, calls and services. This data can be used by different functions, including Network Operations, Network Planning & Engineering, Wholesale/Carrier Services, Marketing and Service Operations.


acceSS7 Network Surveillance Solutions

JDSU acceSS7 network surveillance solutions enable to provide your customers with the high quality service they expect from your network. Fast and powerful real time and historical surveillance tools allow you to identify and diagnose SS7 signaling problems and spot trends in wireless and wireline networks.

acceSS7 Network Investigator

JDSU acceSS7 Network Investigator allows you to identify and fix wireless and wireline network faults quickly, and to monitor and optimize the performance and utilization of network services and elements. Network Investigator is an extremely flexible application that gives you the ability to create multiple measurement groups, specify measurement periods and chose where on the network to deploy the measurements. It allows you to deploy measurements on each layer of the SS7 protocol. All measurements can be checked against user-defined thresholds, with violations generating an immediate alarm.

acceSS7 Traffic Monitor

JDSU acceSS7 Traffic Monitor gives early warning of revenue threatening events in wireless and wireline networks so that immediate action may be taken to avoid catastrophic failure. Traffic Monitor achieves this by continuously monitoring the SS7 messages on all links in the network. The messages are analyzed to provide a comprehensive set of measurements on both the SS7 network and the traffic-carrying network. An immediate alert is produced when any of the user-set thresholds are breached

acceSS7 Management Reporter

JDSU acceSS7 Management Reporter has been designed specifically to detect trends in link loads and failures in the SS7 network. Working with your existing acceSS7 Traffic Monitor application it can identify and analyze historical “hot spots” as well as forecast future load levels. Powered with this information you are able to more effectively balance network load and accurately schedule expensive network resource purchases and installation in wireless and wireline networks.

acceSS7 Network Troubleshooting Solutions

JDSU acceSS7 network troubleshooting solutions enable you to improve the performance of your SS7 network with fast and powerful real-time and historical troubleshooting tools to locate and resolve faults in wireless and wireline networks.

acceSS7 Protocol Analysis

JDSU acceSS7 Protocol Analysis helps you troubleshoot any type of problem in wireless or wireline networks. It allows you to capture messages from any SS7 link in the network at any time, and has powerful analytical capabilities that allow messages to be decoded down to the individual octets if required. Protocol Analysis sessions can be run in real-time or as “background” sessions, and captured data can be analyzed in off-line sessions.

Roaming Management System

JDSU Roaming Management System provides an extensive range of real-time monitoring tools that continuously examine and report the status of the quality of roaming services between your network and your interconnect partners.

acceSS7 Intelligent Network Monitoring System

JDSU’s acceSS7 Intelligent Network Monitoring System (INMS) provides you with real time end-to-end monitoring of the performance of IN services on wireless and wireline networks, enabling location and diagnosis of faults before subscribers are affected. It records service performance metrics for selected services and for specific accounts and is also able to provide an independent information source for service quality metrics.

acceSS7 Interconnect Analysis

JDSU acceSS7 Interconnect Analysis lets you measure, record, and apply a jurisdiction to inter-carrier traffic quickly and cost effectively. It provides you with a unique source of reliable information for assigning responsibility, validating charges and negotiating accurate, more profitable interconnect agreements. Bills and rating factors submitted by interconnecting carriers for jurisdictional reporting on originating, terminating and transit traffic can be validated and hard evidence provided with which to challenge estimates. The benefits are immediate. You can now realize the true value of terminating and transit traffic on your network and protect value-added service revenues.

acceSS7 Short Message Service Assurance

The dramatic growth of text messaging worldwide is placing a significant demand on wireless service providers to deliver an outstanding SMS service to protect SMS revenues. Many large account customers who depend on SMS to meet their business commitments are paying premium rates in exchange for a wholly reliable SMS service.