USB Protocol Analysis

USB Protocol Analysis

QualiTest utilizes LineEye to perform exceptional USB multi-protocol analyses.

USB Multi-Protocol Analysis – LINEEYE

LINEEYE LE-8200A/8200/3500/2500/1500-E

LINEEYE LE Series support RS-232C/422/485 as standard, and TTL, I2C, SPI, IrDA, CAN, LIN, USB and LAN by exchanging the measurement board (differ in models). LE Series incorporate versatile analysis functions and excellent portability, thus fully supporting the trouble analysis of communications systems, industrial equipment, and a variety of in-vehicle networks as well as development tests and after-sale services.
Key Features:

  • Mega Speed measurement (For LE-8200(-A), 4Mbps in half duplex)
  • Monitor/Simulation/BERT function for multi-protocol (excepting LE-1500).
  • Continuously Records in the CF card. (option).
  • Simple Logic Analyzer function and RS-232C signal voltage measurement function.
  • Able to use the measured data on PC by using the PC link software

LINEEYE USB analyzer LE-650H2/LE-650H2-A

LINEEYE LE-650H2(-A) is a USB2.0 protocol analyzer which connects with a PC, and analyzes USB Protocol. This model continuously records USB2.0/1.1 data on the hard disk of PC in real time, and those data are displayed intelligibly on the PC screen. The differences between the standard model (LE-650H2) and the advance model (LE-650H2-A) are the memory capacity of USB log data and VBUS measurement cycle.

Key Features:

  • HIGH/FULL/LOW Speed Modes Automatic Identification
  • Continuously Records in the PC up to 40Gbyte (LE-650H2-A)
  • Intelligible Display
  • Displays VBUS data in real time.
  • Powerful trigger function and filter function.

LINEEYE PC-connectable Analyzer LE-150PS/LE-200PS

LINEEYE LE-200PS/LE-150PS is a RS-232C/ RS-422/ RS-485 protocol analyzer, which can be used as data loggers to record data in the SD card for long hours. LE-200PS supports multi-protocols (ASYNC/HDLC etc), and LE-150PS supports ASYNC communications. With PC, it can be used as high performance protocol analyzer and have Monitor function and Simulation function. Without PC, it can be used as data loggers.

Key Features

  • Arbitrary speed settings up to 1Mbps (LE-200PS)
  • Sequential trigger
  • Time measurement at resolution of 10 millisecond
  • Power-On-Run function, Auto-Power-Off function, and Schedule measurement to run the measurement by itself.
  • Simulation function sends registered data with one press of a key.


LE-270A can record CAN/LIN communication logs in the SDHC card for long hours. Using with a PC, it can perform as the CAN/LIN protocol analyzer, and monitors data on the PC at real time. Using without a PC, it can perform as the CAN/LIN data logger, and saves data in the SDHC card. It measures two channels of CAN/LIN in combination and four channels of Analog/Digital signals.

Key Features

  • PC-connectable analyzer and PC-less data logger.
  • High speed and Low speed of CAN transceivers are selectable from the software.
  • Supports schedule measurement, which specifies the starting/ending time, and turns ON/OFF the power supply.
  • Power failure protection and wide range of ambient temperature make it possible to use it in the severe conditions