VoIP Simulation and Analysis

VoIP Simulation and Analysis

Touchstones’ VoIP Simulations solutions enable QualiTest to test and analyze the behavior of distributed applications.

WinSip – SIP Load and Feature Testing

WinSIP is a powerful, easy-to-use, software solution for generating bulk calls, performing feature and function testing, and testing advanced media capabilities. WinSIP can provide high-density loads at incredible rates without the need for any specialized equipment. A modern mid-tower machine can generate nearly 1,000 simultaneous calls with perfect G.711 audio streams and nearly 2,000 with G.729. Add to this WinSIP’s ability to learn new CODEC types, and you have everything you need to test your SIP-based products and services. Include WinSIP’s optional R Factor and MOS scoring for a superior value in end-to-end quality assessment verification.

Win323 – H.323 Load and Feature Testing

Win323 was designed with both the IP telephony and videoconferencing engineer in mind. Long a standard tool in the arsenal of video-centric companies such as Polycom, Ericsson, and Compunetics, Win323 has been trialed and proven in the most demanding of laboratories. Download an evaluation version today and see for yourself why these industry innovators rely on Win323 for their testing needs.

WinEyeQ – Protocol and Media Analysis

WinEyeQ is highly regarded as one of the world’s most accurate voice and video analysis tools as evidenced by Network World’s recently awarded Clear Choice Award. In this article entitled “Touchstone Technologies is spot-on with VoIP monitoring” the Network World Lab Alliance details the criteria used to compare five of the world’s leading “Voice Analysis Tools” and determined that WinEyeQ’s results were consistently more accurate than those of the other competitors.