Unit Testing Services

Unit Testing Services

QualiTest’s goal is to detect bugs as early in the development process as possible by writing accurate and superior unit tests, while simultaneously providing detailed documentation. Early detection permits quicker less-pervasive re-factoring by the development team, when there is less of a time crunch.

Unit Testing Services Deliverables

  • Unit Testing Services are delivered by a dedicated team of hardware experts in a combination of automated tools checking and manual functional testing. These services can be delivered on-site or at the QualiTest labs.
  • Implementation of best industry practices, methodologies, verification tools such as JUnit and xUnit, and many other industry standards relevant to your project needs.
  • QualiTest supplies a detailed report outlining the areas of compliance and non-compliance, accompanied by recommendations and prioritization of areas that require solutions or improvements.
  • This process can be performed once at a fixed cost, or at regular intervals with a testing subscription.
Mobile Testing Services
QualiTest's enthusiasm to deliver benefits combined with their thorough knowledge of testing skills and processes have provided us with a streamlined professionalism assessment process. Many providers of IT services claim to hold customer benefits as the driving force for their work, but I can't think of any I've worked with that demonstrate this during engagement better than QualiTest.

Anthea Nelson, Met Office

Met Office

Benefits of QualiTest’s unit testing services include:

  • Early Problem Remediation – Unit tests find problems early in the development cycle.
  • Change Facilitation – Allows the programmer to re-factor code during the testing process and at a later date, while ensuring the module still works correctly.
  • Integration Simplification – By testing the parts of a program first and then testing the sum of its parts, integration testing is streamlined.
  • Documentation – To learn the result of a unit test, developers can look at the unit test documentation to gain a better understanding.
  • Design – Each unit test can be seen as a design element specifying classes, methods, and observable behaviors during the project life-cycle.