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The Advantages of Using Hybrid Automation

By: Shlomi Shimony In today’s competitive business climate, changes in the application and internet markets are amazingly dizzying; users are demanding more product features all...Read More

The Cost of Testing Solutions: Onshore Testing vs. Offshore Testing Survey Results

  Overview During the Software Test & Performance Conference 2008 in Boston, (STPCon) an in depth survey was conducted regarding the effect on quality and...Read More

What You should know about Cookies, Privacy Policies and the GDPR

What You should know about Cookies, Privacy Policies and the GDPRRead More

Why GDPR Compliance is Important

Why GDPR Compliance is ImportantRead More

Let’s ‘perform’ it right: Performance Testing, from planning to overcoming challenges

Performance testing is critical to customer satisfaction; if your application’s performance doesn’t meet the expectations of your customers, they will move on to your competitor. Performance testing can be complicated and requires specialized test planning. To plan a comprehensive test strategy, it is important to fully understand the challenges of performance testing as well as the process and tools available to create an effective performance test.Read More