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Does DevOps Need Continuous Testing?

How important is Continuous Testing to DevOps, and is Continuous Testing achievable as conceived or is it an impossible theoretical ideal to aim for?Read More

Modern Application Development’s Impact on Software Testing

How have advances impacted the world of testing?Read More

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Data Breaches in the U.S.

To understand breaches, it helps to identify and follow them, including how they are reported, misreported, and underreported. Here is an analysis of American data breaches for the first quarter of 2018, with many charts. Read More

Data Breach Patterns across Industries and Time

QualiTest explores the data breach trends of today and the pastRead More

Functions and Subroutines and SOA API’s, Oh My!

Any tester using white box testing or automation scripting should be familiar with many details of development and SDLC, including how things can all go horribly wrong. But even a tester without development knowledge understands the logic tree logic implicit in IF THEN ELSE or SWITCH CASE statements. Likewise, verification and validation do not require internal code knowledge, because there are other ways to see what is happening and spot potential problems.Read More