Case Studies

Case Studies

QualiTest’s Case Studies analyze actual QualiTest experiences, discussing issues encountered by organizations and the QualiTest solution for solving them.

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Qualitest Performs Accessibility Testing for Global Consumer Goods Website

Qualitest Drives Best Practices for Accessibility through WCAG 2.0 Compliance testing. Qualitest’s Accessibility case study provides a comprehensive yet cost effective approach to ensuring accessibility for all customers.

Qualitest’s Hybrid Automation Ensures Cross Platform Compatibility

With a wide range of software platforms and hardware, companies need the ability to use Hybrid Automation to deploy regular updates simply and effectively.

Spire Healthcare

Helping deliver exceptional patient services

QualiTest coordinates carrier’s VoIP Interconnect project with smaller operators

There are benefits to letting one team handle your testing needs

QualiTest Helps Make Your Home Smart

How do you build a smart home with QualiTest?  Intelligently!

Legacy Upgrade Regression Tests Run 96% Faster

Outdated technology forces rewrite. QualiTest increases test coverage while reducing tests execution time.

QualiTest Tests Web & Mobile Vulnerability for Digital Wallet Company

QualiTest tested the web and mobile interfaces for a digital wallet company.  Was it free of vulnerabilities?  No.  But now the 50 threats we found have been addressed.

QualiTest’s Experior Scrubs in for Surgical Implant of SAP System for Healthcare Provider

How does a private hospital group upgrade from a 15 year old legacy system while ensuring that they continue to deliver exceptional patient services?  By involving a SAP installation expert who can work with surgical precision.

SAP Upgrade Testing

Leading kitchen supplier Howdens Joinery completes a successful Upgrade of their core SAP System.

Anglian Water

Mobile solution for a mobile workforce

QualiTest Puts Ordnance Survey on the Map as a Capable Automated Tester

As part of an ongoing program to introduce Agile software development principles, Ordnance Survey initiated a new approach to testing to deliver efficiency savings in the business, improve throughput and productivity and ensure consistently-tested and improved quality SAP releases in the future.

QualiTest Managed Crowd Testing solution utilized to run 24 hours a day Beta test for a new Flower Marketplace

QualiTest’s Managed Crowd Testing found 260 bugs that had been missed by the client’s internal test team, a productivity gain of 500%

QualiTest Helps Energy Company‘s Upgrade to SOA Architecture

To meet consumer demands for cheaper and faster development of new systems and improving existing systems, EDW is entering a digital transformation journey to re-architect their system following SOA  principles.  EDW approached QualiTest to create a test approach and solution for testing in their new way of working, being able to test services from an API level in isolation, integrated together and complete end-to-end testing.

QualiTest Performs Load Testing for a Leading e-Learning Provider

How do you confirm that your giant e-learning system handles peak loads?  QualiTest helps you pinpoint your system weaknesses as you scale up.

QualiTest Managed Testing Results in 75% Automated Test Coverage for Point of Sales System

With a giant hospitality POS system, it is important to know that integrating a new component will work, and that means tesing that kind of a change

QualiTest Group Automates Testing for a Financial Company

QualiTest automates testing into the DevOps flow, enabling rapid test development and on-demand testing.

QualiTest Helps Healthcare Company Ramp up Test Automation

QualiTest's experts help a large healthcare network implement a new automation solution that they cannot finish on their own.  The final solution helps the network save time and money on every subsequent release.

QualiTest Improves Test Automation ROI with Automation Planner

When regression testing is killing your 3D printing releases, relief maps nicely through automation.

QualiTest’s Roaming Testing Cuts Cost by about Half and Saves Time

QualiTest helps a client with Managed Crowd Testing solution, significantly reducing time and cost.

Leveraging Client QA through A.I.

When full testing coverage is impossible, how does one determine where to focus?  That’s exactly what our client needed to know …

QualiTest’s Time Zone API Testing Keeps Everything on Schedule

When a compliance company needed to confirm that time zone tracking would audit correctly, we found ourselves in the zone and with our tests running like clockwork, diving deep into localization testing.

QualiTest Gets PoS Solution Provider Ready for Retail with Automation Testing Training and Test Cases

QualiTest worked with TestPlant to bring automation to a Retail client.

Saving the Day by Using an On-Shore/Off-Shore Testing Combination

The client maintains QualiTest as a primary QA consultant to ensure that all the services related to the company work as required for all users across the globe. After evaluating the customer’s requirements, QualiTest created a test approach based on an off-shore team assisted by an on-shore team to get physical access to devices.

QualiTest Automation Makes for Better Solutions

QualiTest works with a telco client to bring their Automation up to speed.

Testing an IoT Device for Less

Qualitest works with a client to ramp up mobile testing efforts while keeping costs low

Off-shore Resourcing

A client started a project that would replace most of their back end systems, risking the integrity of every system feeding from it, while utilizing a popular open source business application. Would the budget-sensitive project survive the client's first engagement of formal, external testing?

“Train the Trainer” Program

When you need to bring in so many experts that they'd overwhelm your in-house training system, what do you do? You make sure that the initial students can pay it forward!

Hospital Network Modernizes to ICD-10 Compliance and Migration

With a new compliance deadline to meet, how does one ensure that a hospital's systems are up-to-date?

QualiTest Environment Speeds and Simplifies Radiology Testing

The right environment with an appropriate dataset can greatly simplify the testing effort for quicker, better results.

QualiTest Helps Diagnostic Imaging Company Automate Software Testing

Sometimes, a problem blocks one's internal testing team from being able to automate a solution. That's when it becomes necessary to bring in a test automation expert.

QualiTest Provides Improved and Efficient Embedded Software Testing Services to Global Healthcare Corporation

When you're tight on time and need to ensure you comply with FDA guidelines, choosing the right testing expert determines your product's success.

Automating a Testing Solution for a “Big Three” Educational Publisher

When a small R&D center is tasked with assembling a new way to manage lecture content, special skills are needed to determine the testing needs.  But when they also decided midstream to switch to DevOps, we were in charge of helping make this transition.

Responsive Testing from Our Test Center Delivered Exactly What Our Client Required

The Wine Society didn't need full time test resources. What they required was additional resources for several days during their delivery sprints to enhance their testing capacity. They also needed to test their deliveries with specific on-demand browser and mobile combinations, which is what we at QualiTest did.

Providing Our Client with a Path to Build a Best Practice Internal Test Function

Our client knew where they wanted to go with their internal testing capability, they were just not sure how to get there. QualiTest was able to identify the appropriate improvements for UCLH and provide a roadmap for them to implement these themselves.

Document Portfolio Migration Managed Service Testing

QualiTest's managed service testing delivers for both our client and their end clientThis was a massive migration program with a testing window that stretched for almost 12 months with an imperative to protect the end client's brand in their market place

Test Management & Governance for Safety Critical Systems Migration

QualiTest helped prepare government workers to perform formal test governance using a customized testing approach, supporting social care systems. 

QualiTest’s End-to-End Testing Solution Modernizes a New Financial Branch

giffgaff's launch into the financial market, coupled with QualiTest's improvement of their agile best practices, brought a white-label loan process in-house with a goal of leveraging a 500% growth in loans.  Here's how we did it.

Functional and Technical Testing Outsource

We at QualiTest are proud to have helped our client build their internal agile capability in an outsource engagement that was a great success for both our client and ourselves. It proved to be the most effective way for Piriform to raise their delivery capability without disrupting their on-going agile delivery cycle, and we continue to support Piriform.

QualiTest Performs a Full Re-platforming of the Organization’s Retail Credit Solution

A retailer faced a large migration it described it as a “a business heart and lungs transplant", representing the largest store card migration ever undertaken in the UK.  We provided the managed end-to-end testing solution, including system migration, system integration, operational acceptance and user acceptance testing.

Introducing Agile Delivery and Implementing Test Tooling to a New Vehicle Leasing Online Quoting Platform

When introducing a new software package that feeds into your bottom line, you want to make sure that the public sees your business continue to shine.  Here's how we at QualiTest helped one business succeed.

QualiTest Implements SaaS Test Management Tools as Part of Showing Regulatory Compliance

It's never a one-size-fits-all approach for test tooling and often a low cost JIRA based solution will sufficeHowever, in this case the regulatory requirement to demonstrate compliance through all aspects of the testing process led us to recommend HP ALM.

Test Management and Governance for UAT & Model Office

How does a 180-year-old financial company handle a change to indexing all of their customers?  By going to a testing pro like QualiTest who brought objectivity and credibility to the work. 

QualiTest Assures System Performance and End User Experience During Essential Business Upgrade Rollout

DWF utilized our extensive technical expertise to identify an appropriate performance test approach, define the toolset and de-risk their business critical system upgrade within time and budget constraints.

QualiTest Provides Non-Functional Testing for a Business Critical System Implementation

QualiTest enabled our client to address their fundamental concerns around the performance and operability of their highly available systems, applications and supporting services, by delivering the quantifiable results.  This was a significant undertaking and a great success!

Building an Internal Testing Department for an Insurance Claim Processor

An insurance claim processor was introducing a new software solution but had no structured internal testing capability to ensure everything would work.  This is how QualiTest helped the effort so that the client could succeed. 

QualiTest Verifies Network Upgrade Impacting Tariffs across 6 Countries within Go-Live Deadline

10 million users at risk, with software almost 5 years out-of-date and a tight go-live timeframe.  Doable?

QualiTest Helps Telecoms with Customer Experience Analysis

This project focused on in-house abilities to learn and extract customer behavior data through COTS data analysis tools, instead of deploying new website pages or functions.  With no devoted development team, scrum master/test lead or PO, the outcome fell mostly on one team’s DDM (digital development manager) and a QA. Targeting the overall site required a good understanding and familiarity with many different site sections and functions.

QualiTest Tests Website Vulnerabilities for an Entertainment Company

QualiTest was asked to test the website for one of India’s biggest entertainment groups.  Was it found to have no vulnerabilities?  No.  But now they can relax knowing that their risks have been identified and successfully fixed.

Testing Simplicity Saves Bank’s Complex Move to SOA

The banking client shifted over to SOA in order to provide the same software services across mobile apps, web apps and ATM’s.  This required a corresponding change in testing strategy and policy in order to align long-term development and testing life cycle.  QualiTest helped them meet SOA compliance from the testing side, and improve the testing process in the new domain.

QualiTest Speeds V&V Process Through TPI with Dramatic Increases in Automation Test Coverage

When you're an innovator in the medical technology world, you don't want your commitment to QA-ing your products to unnecessarily slow your releases.  QualiTest, with a deep understanding of the medical industry, helps improve your current test framework and expand your automation test coverage. We were able to develop and deliver reliability testing for the client which reduced the execution time by 90%.

QualiTest Uses Appium Solution for Testing Bank Upgrade of Smartphone Services

The client decided to improve its mobile app for many services by adding new functions and operations, as well as providing a new user interface.   The changes focused on improving customer experience, aligning to the global banking standard and engaging younger crowds.  A strategic testing plan was needed to address technical challenges as well as business logic.

QualiTest Validates Intranet Functionality for a Fortune 500 Pharma Company

QualiTest works with a bio-pharmaceutical company and leverages our expertise to overhaul and update previous testing processes and strategies. Leveraging QualiTest's Right-Shore model, the client was able to ramp up on-site and remote QA resources quickly and efficiently.

QualiTest Managed POS Testing for a leading global retailer

When you're a  large commercial retailer and etailer, it is important  to improve your testing abilities.  Identifying gaps and risks early in the process, catching bugs earlier, avoiding project delays, improving and increasing test coverage, and developing an automation plan all contribute to creating a better product.

QualiTest Validates Media Company’s Entry into Service Oriented Architecture

The client decided to implement a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) model that identified over 100 web services and an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) involving 17 new and existing systems to communicate with each other.  The testing would involve testing the calls to the ESB, the business rules that determine the service(s) going to the downstream systems and the business rules that translate the responses back from the downstream systems into the responses going to the originating system.

Qualitest implements Managed Crowd Testing Solution for one of the world’s largest betting and gaming companies

The client contacted Qualitest for assistance in removing restrictions and blocks that their application had encountered. Qualitest implemented  our Managed Crowd Testing Services across 15 leading mobile operators in efforts to resolve the issue under real-world conditions.

QualiTest delivers unique Managed Crowd Testing Service to

The client contacted QualiTest to ensure that the application worked as required for all users across the globe. After evaluating the customer’s requirements, QualiTest created a test approach and solution based on our unique Managed Crowd Testing Service.

QualiTest’s Technology Center Delivers Regression Testing for Atkins – Service Desk Online – Incident Solution

The client required a regression test of their web-based Service Desk Online (SDO) service, specifically the area that dealt with Incidents. Through the QTC’s cost-efficient model, QualiTest were able to achieve this, delivering remote testing, removing the need for site presence and keeping costs down.

QualiTest Certifies DO-178B for BSP project with Elbit Systems

Elbit needed verification of the BSP products for the Dassault Company, requiring certification through the DO-178B standard and testing activities in State of Involvement (SOI) 2 and 3. Elbit initially approached QualiTest because a pure-play testing company can perform more comprehensive testing, and QualiTest has been leading software testing projects for Elbit for 10 years.

QualiTest Enables DevOps through Test Automation for Leading News Agency

The client contacted QualiTest to help drive test process improvement and dramatically increase test automation coverage. QualiTest and the Client decided on a Results Based Testing (RBT) approach, with Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and a contractual Service Level Agreement (SLA).

QualiTest Implements Test Automation Factory

QualiTest drives test process improvement and dramatically increases test automation coverage to implement an Agile environment.

EDI Test Automation

The challenge in EDI testing involves verification that EDI records have been transmitted and stored as required. Tests must be executed to compare the segments, elements, and sub-elements in X.12 files between the baseline file and the latest generated file. To increase test efficiency and effectiveness, QualiTest test engineers have developed test automation tools to specifically test EDI based applications.

A Testing Knowledge Management System optimizes new recruit productivity

To achieve efficient on-boarding, QualiTest introduced a SharePoint-based Test Knowledge Management System (TKMS). This consists of 3 main elements: training around best testing practice, modules covering the client’s systems under test, and self-assessment exams.

QualiTest Automates Test Solutions for over 150 MultiPlan Applications

QualiTest meets MultiPlan's goals by establishing a QA partner who was reliable, trustworthy and experts in the software testing industry, achieving an optimal level of automation for their 150+ internally developed applications and creating a testing solution that would decrease prices while increasing test coverage with the best tools and resources for the job.

QualiTest Managed Crowdtesting Services Ensures Pepsi World Cup Campaign Flows Smoothly

The Client needed assistance in testing an interactive, dynamic advertisement that was to be run in 40 countries during the FIFA World Cup 2014. Consisting of 12 interactive variations that could possibly deviate from the “plain” advertisement without interactions, the advertisement was also regionally optimized, differing with product offering, language, and regional particulars.

Defining and Facilitating Testing: Skills Development and Management for the Met Office

The Met Office sought a partner that could both help them to develop and implement an enhanced framework for skill development, which was compatible with the SFIA version 4, but would then enable them to manage it following the term of consultancy. The Met Office turned to QualiTest for this support.

giffgaff Web 2.0 Launch

QualiTest were approached by the giffgaff’s Chief Technology Officer to design, implement and manage the entire end-to-end testing solution prior to launching the brand. The end-to-end testing scope included the complete service proposition and infrastructure, including: web technology, back-office environment (including billing), supply chain, customer services interfaces, business processes and the mobile network integration.

Flexible Resourcing

After establishing a web based email portal for the UK arm of their global mobile telecoms company, the Client wanted to upgrade the functionality to include calendar and address book functions. This in turn would lead to the ability to synchronize data from handsets with the portal in a later project.

Shaw Trust – Fixed Price Delivery of Software Testing

With a service launch looming, QualiTest was brought in to test a complex, customized CRM system from an off-shore, Vietnamese supplier.  It is a critical component to both the service offering and the client revenue collection. The project was part way through when the client approached QualiTest, and the software had proven to be very complicated and they had experienced an unexpectedly high number of issues in the first two releases.  Was there enough time for success?

Sage Small Business Division: Testing Health Check

Sage is the market leader in Financial Services Software, a position which has been built on an enviable record of successful delivery of their suite of products. Sage want to maintain this market position and as a result they value and embrace continuous improvement. To this end, Sage Small Business Division hired QualiTest to provide an independent testing review.

Met Office – Crowdsourcing Proof of Value

The Met office was exploring the possibility of outsourcing part of their testing and potentially using offshoring as a method for achieving this. Following a discussion with QualiTest it became apparent that the logistics of offshoring would not be feasible as it meant sending their development off-site and this was not something that was going to be viable. As an alternative and cost-effective method, QualiTest proposed the use of one of our crowdsourcing partners.

Essex County Council Data Center Migration Testing

Essex County Council embarked on a program of work to migrate from their existing data center solution to a new hosted data center. The program was time constrained, due to contractually binding migration dates, and Essex County Council needed to engage an independent and objective testing capability to de-risk the migration from the old data center to the new one. QualiTest was asked to work alongside the new hosted data center supplier, working for and on behalf of Essex County Council, to provide independent and objective Quality Assurance, Quality Governance and Testing of the migration program.

Customized Training Solutions

After an externally led review of the whole IT organization and associated processes, the client undertook a technical transformation programme. This generated a number of requirements for education and support around the implementation of new testing practices. To ensure independence and industry ‘best practice’ was captured QualiTest were engaged.

QualiTest helps large hospital network implement new EHR system and upgrade existing HIS systems

A healthcare network's decision to implement a new, cross-organization EHR solution grew too large and complex for them to handle alone. QualiTest was chosen to establish a comprehensive QA and testing solution for the project and ensure the quality.

Digital Media Advertiser Selects QualiTest for its Website Testing Services

After rapid rollout of multiple sites, TIG realized that they needed help conducting thorough, professional functional testing (including mobile testing) on a tight timeline and within budget with a fixed price structure.  Would they find a way that worked?

QualiTest Delivers Value as a Long Term Strategic Software Testing Partner of FUJIFILM Medical Systems U.S.A.

FMSU was looking for a strategic software testing partner to assure the quality of the PACS systems it was developing while controlling costs, limiting overhead, and maximizing flexibility. The challenges included building the right software test team, executing high level tests that required special expertise in healthcare protocols, staying on schedule, and delivering these testing services on budget. FMSU considered both onshore and offshore testing alternatives.

TPI Assessment and Implementation Helps a Division at a Fortune 500 Company Improve Quality and Reduce Costs

The client saw QA and testing costs rising, an overall lack of control over quality and the QA and testing processes, and a need for process metrics in a highly regulated industry.  But where was change needed and what needed change in order to get the best quality improvement and the highest value?

QualiTest Independent Test Center helps Telecom Operator to enhance Triple-Play infrastructure

The 3-year project enabled this company to provide multi-vendor network integration services for the customer’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network. The scope of the project included end-to-end network integration and security services, including network design, engineering, deployment maintenance and the overall integration of operations, support and billing systems.

On-Shore Managed Service Solution (OMSS) Helps a Fortune 100 Company Improve Quality and Reduce Cost

The testing project was chosen by the client due to problems with team integration, inflexible staffing (variable work loads), lack of formal knowledge and of course issues of cost reductions. Some alternatives had been evaluated by the client including on-shore and off-shore solutions. After a long evaluation process and some bad experiences with previous off-shore projects, the client selected QualiTest's On-site Managed Service Solution (OMSS) upon seeing the advantages of being close to the development teams.

Qualitest Provides On-Shore Testing Services for a Tier1 Insurance Company

The three-year project enabled this company to provide multi-vendor network integration services for the customers Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) network. The scope of the project included end-to-end network integration and security services, including network design, engineering, deployment maintenance and the overall integration of operations, support and billing systems.

Qualitest Provides Improved and Efficient QA & Testing Services to Global Defense Contractor

Complex operations can lead to inefficiencies. Qualitest's goal was to improve testing's abilities for the client's 150 IT defense projects while decreasing its cost. This would require centralizing testing knowledge within a new unified company structure.

QualiTest Group Delivers Turnkey Healthcare Remediation Project Following an FDA Warning

A global healthcare corporation received an FDA warning for a sophisticated medical device. The company failed to meet the required quality level in their testing requirements, documentation and maintenance procedures. After further investigation, the healthcare corporation understood that there was a significant gap between their current status and the desired quality and testing level. To resolve the issue and remove the FDA warning, the company approached QualiTest to perform a remedial project.

QualiTest takes full responsibility for Signaling and RTP testing of new LTE network implementation at a leading global telecom operator

The mobile operator's implementation of advanced networks to replace the legacy Sigtran network introduced a way more complex protocol, demanding increased testing and validation challenges. But this is where telecom is heading -- continuously improving core service quality and performance with increased network complexity, making network testing processes more intricate and time consuming.

Qualitest secured a $40 million Managed Testing Services contract with a Large Bank. A comprehensive SLA shall guarantee Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction.

Qualitest has established a comprehensive, state-of-the-art test center nearby the bank’s central offices, including hardware that can run tests as required. The site was connected, via a secured connection that meets stringent internal policies and regulatory requirements, to the bank. Qualitest has staffed the test center with over 100 employees, 70% of which migrated from the bank to Qualitest.

QualiTest Assists UK-Based News Company with Mobile Testing Efforts

News UK needed assistance testing their Android and iOS mobile apps linked to their digital and traditional news publications. Unhappy customer reviews suggested that device and OS fragmentation bugs which had been missed during initial testing, and a new testing adventure needed to begin.

QualiTest helps Telefónica to launch new LATAM Mobile Brand

QualiTest’s background in the telecomm industry, as well as our extensive experience delivering testing services to MVNOs such as giffgaff in the UK, led Telefónica to contact us. In addition, QualiTest’s ability to implement and leverage testing solutions such as crowdsourcing was considered valuable to Telefónica in their delivery of their new Argentina-based brand.

QualiTest Performs Load Test for Leading E-learning Provider

QualiTest was approached by a large scale online e-learning system to assist in achieving the maintenance of its mission-critical application at peak performance and scalability levels. The application capacity was also an unknown risk because the system did not contain any solid, well-framed methodology for predicting system behavior and performance under real-time stress.

QualiTest Performs Load Test on PeopleSoft app for Leading University in the U.S.

Our client, one of the biggest universities in the U.S., was in the process of moving their PeopleSoft architecture to virtual environments, as well as upgrading Human Resources and Campus Solutions from PeopleSoft 9.0 to PeopleSoft 9.1. To optimize their new hardware for both capacity and throughput, the University contacted QualiTest to design a load testing strategy for both products.

Exploratory Test Validation for a Class III Medical Device

QualiTest implements an end-to-end, Exploratory Testing (ET) based validation solution for one of the largest corporations in medical devices, pharmaceutical and consumer products development.