QualiTesters – Building better Testers

QualiTesters – Building better Testers

QualiTesters continually synergize their learning, design, and execution. By combining these, we improve our abilities and continue to aim higher.

The Benefit of


“The best testers
in the world”

QualiTest is a “pure play” testing company, fully focused on QA and software testing.  This includes deep knowledge and industry expertise across multiple areas, including medical devices, healthcare, biotech, pharmaceutical, telecom, e-commerce, data warehouse and other verticals.  All of our employees are going through massive training to become QualiTesters.
To be a potential QualiTester, the employee has to be passionate about QA, know software testing fundamentals and communicate professionally.

We seek out and develop the following 3 types of QualiTesters:

Through continuous learning, design and execution, we keep our skills fresh. We are keenly aware of your business context, ready to ask new questions, to seek out edge cases, and to re-engineer the test plan if needed.  Even if we join a project as supplemental testing staff, we still keep our eyes open, ready to improve the testing approach, not merely doing the assigned work
Through training and mentoring, we equip these industry experts with the necessary testing knowledge to deliver on our vision of providing the best software testing solutions in the world.  Business assurance requires people with deep understanding of the business.

80% of our management team originated as QualiTest junior testers, and over 90% are now senior test specialists, having risen through the ranks. That our QA managers began here as software testers ingrains them with a deep understanding of software testing solutions.

We maintain high standards for our employees, both professionally and personally. To comply with these standards, QualiTest has established a rigorous process to not only ensure that our test engineers have sufficient skills and experience, but also their fit to our culture and company values.

From a professional
perspective, we begin by
hiring only candidates who
come with
the following:

After being hired,
we continuously invest in
our employees
with the following:

All-rounder* candidates are highly in demand.
An All-Rounder is a tester who can design tests, implement tests whether manual or automation, understand the business context and risk. This tester can also generate test assets or test coverage as much as possible through some sort of automation.
The recruiting process involves a first phone conversation with a recruiter, a technical video interview/s or an onsite technical interview/s at one of our test centers. The technical interviews are conducted by our Test specialists. We created a set of tests and assessments to evaluate the potential of the candidates to become a successful QualiTester.
New hires are required to complete applicable sections of the QualiTest training courses to introduce them to our company (induction training, mission/vision videos, perks, etc.) and our way of doing business (basic details, test planning, matrices, bug reporting, tools, etc.) all backed up by mentoring. This is followed by more technical or technology-driven training, monitored for completion and quiz results. Once QualiTesters are on-board, their LMS (Learning Management System) training continues to supplement continuous or on-going training with focuses on such things as documentation, automation practice, security, Testing Management, Bug Tracking Systems and popular COTS testing software, as well as webinars, all under a manager’s supervision. Training also comes from project teams, thought leadership, conferences and meet-ups.
Automation, recently a nice-to-have, has become a must-have now that time to market has become a huge business driver, and will only continue to expand.  Organizations continue investing more and more in innovation to reinvent business and go digital. Digital goes not only with innovation, but also with rapid innovation time to market. This demands investing in automation.

What You Need to Succeed

From a personal
perspective, we look for
candidates who are aligned
with QualiTest values

Become the best in the world

• Learn from others
• Experiment and innovate
• Be a critical thinker
• Anticipate customer wants and needs
• Construct creative solutions

Be a team

• Build relationship based on trust
• Share knowledge
• Be responsive
• Think about what’s best for the Qualitest Family


• Be proactive
• Strive to understand the big picture
• Respect others & yourself
• Deliver results

The People Department, as an on-going task, creates team building activities and workshops to equip employees with the skills required to achieve a QualiTester value-based behavior.

Some of the
workshops will be :

• Time management
• Clear communication
• Knowledge sharing

The People Department, together with the Delivery managers,
focus on always-on performance reviews to accomplish
a number of goals:

Provide managers the opportunity to deliver continuous positive reinforcement and
frequent, personalized input to employees
Illuminate areas where additional
is called for and enables the
initiation of that learning effort
Maximize personal growth for
employees and keeps them
motivated and engaged

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