Recruiting and Talent Induction

Recruiting and Talent Induction

At QualiTest, we have high standards for our employees, both professionally and personally. To comply with these standards, QualiTest has established a rigorous process to ensure that not only will our test engineers have sufficient skills and experience, but also the ability to manage the responsibilities and thrive in the culture of their respective role at QualiTest.

Recruiting and Acquisition

The QualiTest recruiting team strives to identify the talent that fits not only the required skill, but also melds with our environment and culture. QualiTest’s recruiting process starts with advertising jobs on more than 50+ job portals/sites, and only approaching the most relevant people. The following displays our typical hiring workflow:

  • Sourcing of Resumes – We source resumes from job portals, LinkedIn, employee referral programs, colleges and alumni, and other social recruiting tools.
  • Recruiter Interview – This is the beginning stage of where a candidate develops into an employee. It’s an evaluation of the candidate’s capabilities, communication skills, and cultural fit.
  • Technical Tests – Based on the recruiter’s interview and the particular position, we have a series of in-house developed tests that we may ask the candidate to complete. We test for logic capabilities, and any specific skills that are required, such as SQL, javascript, test automation and coding.
  • Technical Interview – Each technical interviewer utilizes similar parameters and standards to evaluate individuals.

Utilization of the Predictive Index for QualiTest Recruits

After qualifying their job experiences and advancing through the Interview process, each prospective candidate at QualiTest is asked to complete a behavioral assessment survey, an objective assessment to determine the potential employee’s motivations and behavioral drives. By leveraging this behavioral exploration of Leadership, Communication, Patience and Formality skills, QualiTest can align and optimize our individuals, teams and leaders. Our survey specialists thoroughly analyze the results to effectively place the right people in the right positions.

Training for QualiTest Hires

After being hired, the candidate is required to complete applicable sections of the QualiTest training courses. These online courses consist of written material and videos to not only refresh the new employee about the basics of software testing, but also to supplement the employee’s education about the testing approaches and methodologies used at QualiTest.