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What is it like to partner and work with Qualitest?
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As always, the schedule was tight, and the Qualitest team was very quick to respond to our needs. They conducted the hiring process very effectively and provided us with a quality team member who helped us design and execute a very thorough test plan. The Qualitest team was very prompt in responding to our needs, in the most professional way, and helped us hit the required deadlines on time, and in quality.

Adi Miller, Senior Test Lead, Microsoft

In addition to capable test engineers and a cost-effective global engagement model, Qualitest has consistently delivered value and thought leadership. Qualitest’s proactive approach has helped MultiPlan drive continuous improvement throughout our testing organization. The efficiencies delivered through Qualitest’s right-shore approach and their deep understanding of QA and testing has enabled MultiPlan to increase quality while controlling costs.

Andrew George, Sr. VP of IT, MultiPlan

MultiPlan Logo
We do not use a lot of contracted services or consultants. I find I too often get much less than what I had expected. Qualitest is the exception. They provide solid to excellent services at a fair cost to us. This is why we have continually used them to some degree for the last half a decade.

Will Weider, Ministry Health Care

Ministry Health Care
From my experience working with the team at Qualitest, Qualitest has grown into a powerhouse provider of overall Software Testing solutions both in manual testing and in test automation. The very fact that they specialize in Software Testing only, makes them uniquely positioned in this field and distinctly sets them apart from the rest of the competition in the same industry. Their modus operandi is very flexible, responsible, responsive and cost-effective in nature. They offer both Offshore and Onshore service delivery models and that makes it easy for their client to choose the rightly suited working method with them.

Robu Mohammad, Test Manager, Fuji Medical

Fuji Medical
The Qualitest team was responsive in meeting our needs on time, thorough in their inspection of the requirements, inquisitive to resolve ambiguities. They wrote a comprehensive test plan and executed to it, working with our global development team to validate the customer solution. We look forward to engaging them again soon.

Ross Parrent, Sr. Project Manager, AVAYA

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Qualitest has provided ongoing software testing services to Stratus Technologies for over two years. Both onsite and offsite US based test engineering resources have been used to test various versions of our FT Server Always-On Platform and Software solutions. The Qualitest team has been very flexible in adapting to our QA needs and has provided its professional services cost-effectively. The savings we have achieved working with Qualitest are significant and we are pleased with the quality of the testing they have done for us.

Mike Strong, QA Manager, Stratus Technologies

I started working with Qualitest in order to extend and expand testing capacity in my department, and they have succeeded in providing us with excellent and high quality testing services! Qualitest excelled in providing solutions for my complex regression testing needs and they played a key role in meeting a tight test schedule. Qualitest has a full range of capabilities ranging from functional, load/stress testing and automation development, all of which are fully and efficiently managed by Qualitest. I am very pleased with their work and model of managing multiple teams in different locations to save costs, yet working as a unified team with great results!

David Chan, QA Director, Omnitracs

Qualitest was engaged by the Florida Hospital Quality Assurance department to assist in creating a test automation solution for a new registration system we are implementing. Qualitest assisted by developing an automation framework to script, execute, provide source control and integration with our Quality Assurance tracking tools. I found them to be highly qualified, flexible and provided great value. I would recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in test automation.

Marshall Ebright, Florida Hospital

Florida Hospital
We engaged Qualitest primarily for a complex load testing project with Walmart. Seeing them in action made us choose them as our strategic partner. They have supported testing of all of our applications / websites, and over the last 2 years it is the best relationship we have with a vendor. I think the best thing I get from working with Qualitest is the peace of mind that they take responsibility of the quality of our products, their easy communication of all needs / results / issues, plus their drive to improve efficiency on a constant basis.

Aaron Farley, Associate CTO, Lunchbox

The great thing is costs were reasonable, my team didn't have to leave the office, it barely had an impact on workload, it addresses the need and desire for training and the team have a clearer view of test process and test techniques.

Glen Beckett, BSkyB

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"EADS engaged Qualitest to work on a strategically critical project which was successful in securing a high profile Public Service contract from the UK Government. The initial engagement with Qualitest resulted from a recommendation based on work performed in the Telco Sector, and extended through the Bid Project Lifecycle into Implementation. All people provided by Qualitest have 'lived' the Qualitest values, integrating into the project to assure quality of both process and products. The significance of this project to EADS and its future cannot be overstated, and the role played by Qualitest in providing test expertise has had a very positive impact on this success.

Steve Whitby, EADS

My first contact with Clare [at Qualitest] was while looking to attend a training course. She is an exceptionally empathetic listener who is well informed and thoughtful. She went beyond expectation, thought outside the box and offered a creative approach. These are the hallmarks of great customer service. I have attended training courses by other providers but none were as well presented as was Richard Morgan's presentation of ISEB Foundation in Software Testing. In all, I have found that the Qualitest team has passion, energy, and professionalism clearly centered around the human aspect of business. These attributes make the company a clear standout. TIGERs each and every one. Thank you.

Ralph Skinner, H&K Equipment, Ltd

H&K Equipment, Ltd
Engaging a Qualitest consultant as an interim replacement manager at the highest level in our business provided tremendous insights into some of the subtleties of our operation. We were able not only to identify issues affecting the performance of the company, but also to identify the key strengths of the business from an outsider's perspective. This has been a tremendously positive outcome for all of our staff, and having a fresh and balanced analysis of our strengths and opportunities has helped is to re-shape our vision for the future. Qualitest were very sensitive in their approach to the project; careful not to unbalance the business whilst introducing significant operational changes which remain with us today.

Timothy Creswick, Thoughtspace Ltd.

The project enhanced our own ideas on how we could approach organisational problem solving. It also had a positive effect on our staff in helping us better understand what we do and how we do things. It's made staff more open to change because they were always involved. It was not done to them, but with them. The Qualitest approach was very helpful. They were very considerate and not at all pushy, as such they were able to gain valuable input from staff who normally may not have been involved with such a programme of work. They allowed us to challenge tradition to find a better, more efficient way to work."

Susan Bulley, Rowcroft Hospice

Qualitest's enthusiasm to deliver benefits combined with their thorough knowledge of testing skills and processes have provided us with a streamlined professionalism assessment process. Qualitest have both increased buy-in from team members participating in annual reviews and delivered greater clarity and visibility of team skills to assist with team development. Many providers of IT services claim to hold customer benefits as the driving force for their work, but I can't think of any I've worked with that demonstrate this during engagement better than Qualitest.

Anthea Nelson, Met Office

Met Office
The cost of full time testing staff required for our aggressive delivery times are prohibitive and we were attracted by the concept of testing by a community of real live testers essentially on-tap. It has been very easy to try with the simple subscription or per-project pricing structure and we were not constricted by volume minimums or long-term commitments. Qualitest Crowdsourcing delivered real-time feedback via a secure web platform in hours. We would not have tried crowdsourcing without the local support of Qualitest. They helped us through the release set up and bug review. They had us up and running in no time. We are undertaking a website redesign during August. It is going to have quite an impact on how customers are using the site. We need to have a very high level of testing. We would not be able to do that in a short space of time using traditional testing, so it is going to be Qualitest Crowdsourcing.

Sagar Vadher, I Want One of Those

I Want One Of Those
We found the (Qualitest User Acceptance Testing) process very valuable as a means of getting a significant number of very capable people to interact with the site. We received excellent feedback that not only covered design and technology issues, but also gave us some great ideas in how to develop the commercial and business aspects of the site.

Charles Peak-Smylie, Trusted Lettings

Trusted Lettings
Qualitest have helped us understand the potential of automated testing within the Met Office and are now putting a framework in place to enable us to exploit it. Their expertise and determination to overcome barriers in this difficult arena have built a strong foundation for us to work from.

Richard Cave, Met Office

Met Office
We have been very impressed with Qualitest and your valuable contribution to our project. As you know the project that we have undertaken is unusual and as such there is very little in the way of benchmarks, documentation or references, made worse by the complexity of replacing an existing ERP system. Qualitest picked up on this and produced documentation explaining the delta between the two systems, very quickly mastered the complexity and was able to form meaningful tests which provided a much greater insight into our new system. The use of the off-shore resource was transparent to us, Qualitest managed this entirely and the volume, as well as quality of testing that was done in short timescales was excellent. The major factor in choosing the off-shore option was budget and I believe that this option provided the best value for money, combined with Qualitest on-site managing the off-shore resource, taking away any problem that can sometimes occur when off-shoring work. We would do this again, and I am recommending this approach to testing to other divisions within the group.

Angus Gow, I Want One Of Those

I Want One Of Those
Working with Qualitest enabled us to launch our mobile brand in a very short period of time, with the confidence that it was a reliable and high-quality product.

Patricio Lobos, Quam Director in Argentina

Quam logo
I valued the independence and objectivity which the Qualitest team brought to the Essex County Council data migration program. The Test Planning, Test Preparation, Test Execution and Test Reporting have been delivered to an excellent standard and the Test Progress Reporting provided project reassurance and the honest view required. The test deliverables the team have produced have been to the highest standard and the team has the trust of the client project, business teams and Test Manager alike. The Qualitest team provides an honest, yet considered viewpoint and only escalates when absolutely necessary – all actions/decisions are carefully thought through. The Qualitest Team have added value throughout the project, been pivotal in the smooth go live and have required very little management.”

Rob Brown, Data Center Migration Program Test Manager, Essex County Council

I have the utmost confidence in the Qualitest Test Team which has been one of the work streams in the Data Center Migration Program that I have had to spend the least time with. The weekly reporting of project risk and the tenacious efforts to mitigate the risks and resolve the defects has been a major factor in the success of the Data Center Migration Program which has gone very smoothly with no business impact after go live. The Business feedback has been excellent and the Test Team have engaged the business effectively and managed their expectations well. Qualitest have engaged very effectively with Essex County Council, they are easy to do business with and have delivered everything we have asked to a very high standard and added value above our expectations. If there has ever been a demonstration to ECC of the importance and benefits of structured testing, DCM is it. The disciplines Qualitest embedded within the project were without doubt one of the major contributors to the projects success.

James Jordan, Program Manager, Information Services & Programs, Essex County Council

The Qualitest Team has contributed significant value to the successful delivery of the Data Center Migration project. This project represents a significant milestone for us in ECC and the entire organization was relying on us for successful delivery. The efforts of the test team to de-risk the data center migration by honestly reporting the risks and issues and pushing to get them resolved was a major factor in our success.

Mark Briggs, Chief Information Officer, Information Services, Essex County Council

Qualitest provided the Shaw Trust with an impressive off-shore team to provide additional testing efforts to those we were able to produce in-house. The off-shore team were efficient, dependable and able to pick up the system testing at very short notice with excellent results. Qualitest took on a unique challenge by joining the project at a very late stage and were able to provide their testing services even under adverse conditions. Qualitest offer numerous service arrangements and we continue to use the off-shore resources as required by our development activities.

Lenna Webster – IS Delivery Manager at Shaw Trust

There is no way that we could have released at the quality they did without Qualitest to assist us.

Paul Byrom, Head of Quality at News UK

The experience, approach and quality that Qualitest provided for giffgaff meant the successful delivery of a web 2.0 MVNE in less than 6 months. The Qualitest staff worked tirelessly in an agile environment, recognising and addressing additional risks and issues, bringing together many test teams (across multiple suppliers) for an excellent result.

Nigel Suddell, Chief Technology Officer

When we tested our product compatibility to a radiology environment, we chose to work with Qualitest to leverage their deep understanding of testing and the VRE solution. VRE allowed us to simulate running our system in a large enterprise clinical environment with real data.

Product Manager, Brit Systems