Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

What information does QualiTest collect?

The information we collect from you can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • To improve our website. We continually strive to include more and better information about QualiTest and its services, and we would love to hear your feedback.
  • To fulfill your requests that are made to us, or by others involved in fulfillment.
  • To contact you for customer surveys, market research or in connection with certain transactions.
  • Analysis and marketing purposes
  • To develop business relationships if you are a QualiTest business partner or vendor.

How does QualiTest protect your personal information?

We use a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information.

Does QualiTest use cookies?

We do use cookies; however, feel free to turn them off in your browser settings.

Does QualiTest disclose information to outside parties?

We do not sell, trade or otherwise transfer your information to outside parties.

Can website visitors opt out of future communications?

QualiTest collects information in order to contact you and discuss services that QualiTest can offer. However, you may tell us that you do not want your information used for further contact, and we will respect your wishes.

How can visitors contact QualiTest about privacy questions or complaints?

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, please contact us here.

Sustainability for QualiTest is about providing for people, protecting our places and creating prosperity – now and into the future. While it is expressed in many different ways, the concept of sustainability has three key components:

  • Recognition of the interdependence of social, economic and environmental well-being;
  • A focus on equity and fairness, and that we need to take into account the effect of our actions on others in an interdependent world; and
  • Recognition that meeting the needs of today must not be at the expense of future generations being able to meet their own needs

In order to fulfil our role effectively in creating a sustainable future, Qualitest has adopted an understanding of sustainability that recognises the need for a long-term perspective, the need for responsibilities and benefits to be shared equitably, and the interdependence of our economy, environment and society.
The Brundtland Commission was convened by the United Nations in 1983 to address growing concern about the accelerating deterioration of the human environment and natural resources and the consequences of that deterioration for economic and social development. In establishing the Commission, the UN General Assembly recognized that environmental problems were global in nature and determined that it was in the common interest of all nations to establish policies for sustainable development.
QualiTest has adapted the Commission’s definition of sustainability to guide its creation of a truly sustainable QualiTest: “Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

A Triple Bottom Line Approach to Sustainability

QualiTest has adopted a triple bottom line approach to sustainability, recognizing the interdependence of social, economic and environmental well-being, but also acknowledging that decision-making will often involve trade-offs between the three. This approach is reflected in QualiTest’s sustainability strategy, “Sustainability at Qualitest”.

Our Commitment Translating to Sustainability

The following set of principles has been developed to clarify the QualiTest approach to sustainability, and to support its implementation:

  • Dealing cautiously with risk, uncertainty and irreversibility;
  • Integrating environmental, social and economic goals in policies and activities;
  • Ensuring and encouraging equal opportunity and community participation;
  • Valuing and conserving biodiversity and ecological integrity;
  • Ensuring inter -generational equity;
  • Recognizing the global dimension;
  • Committing to best practice and the principles of continuous improvement;
  • Ensuring good governance; and
  • Taking account of the wider region.

QualiTest will continue to incorporate these principles into the way we do business, and will encourage their uptake and use with all of our partners.

 Translating into practical action

QualiTest will be recognized throughout the world as a truly sustainable and creative company; as a company that is socially inclusive – acknowledging and supporting those who are vulnerable and in need and enabling all to reach their potential.  The vision is supported by six key themes:

  • A Fair and Safe Working Environment.
  • A Strong, Dynamic Financial Opportunities
  • Excellent Education, Quality Teaching and Skills Development
  • Quality Health Care Insurance
  • A Sustainable Future
  • High Quality Services