Software deployment made easy.

Take the complexity out of your software deployment to give your customers quicker and better new products and product updates with our DevOps transformation services.


Reach your DevOps goals sooner.

From automating and optimizing your processes to upskilling your teams, we’ll speed up your DevOps journey to continuous deployment and give you a competitive edge.

  • Cut costs with a streamlined DevOps ecosystem that flexes according to your business requirements.

  • Build higher-quality software with better predictability.

  • Improve security and reduce your time to market by up to 3X.

  • Gain visibility and traceability across your DevOps lifecycle with dashboards and real-time reporting.

Simplify your software management and releases.

Integrate information delivery and validation of your software environments and move toward a continuous deployment model that uses automated release and promotion criteria.

Go Faster

Switch from manual and automate your build, verification, deployment, environment management and monitoring processes to reduce friction and deploy software changes quicker.

Shift Your Quality Gates Left

Find and fix defects earlier in your development process to meet quality milestones sooner and minimize project risk.

Save Time

Create hands-off deployments that are efficient, repeatable and reliable to free up your developer and IT teams to focus on the product.

Fuel DevOps Maturity

Drive DevOps capabilities and adoption across your organization with a DevOps Center of Excellence and Community of Practice that delivers constant improvement.

Minimize Software Testing Costs
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Quality Insight

Outsource with us and make your DevOps vision a reality.

Our DevOps architects and engineers have the experience and expertise you need to plan, execute and sustain your DevOps transformation.

DevOps Assessment and Evaluation

Our DevOps architects and engineers will assess your current build and deployment processes, including any existing DevOps tools and practices.

DevOps Roadmap

We’ll build an implementation roadmap to ensure you get the greatest benefit throughout the delivery of augmented DevOps practices.

DevOps Implementation

We’ll deliver a flexible DevOps ecosystem that is customized with Jenkins/Bamboo. Or we can help you adopt Azure DevOps, GitLab or GitHub Actions.

Automation and Self-documentation

We’ll take the guesswork out of your software development lifecycle processes through automation and self-documentation. We’ll create health dashboards and environment status reports automatically during pipeline execution.

Functional Testing

Our engineers will ensure regression, functional, and configuration validations during deployments. We’ll also create new functional automation and augment existing automation to seamlessly execute during your pipelines.

Non-functional Testing

We’ll perform security scanning, performance profiling, compliance validation and load testing during deployments.

A success story

DevOps Quick Turnaround Delivers Big Savings for Financial Services Provider

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The Client, a wealth management, insurance and financial services provider, was implementing DevOps ways of working to ensure that it could deliver rapid software to meet the ever-changing needs of customers and outpace competitors. But it was struggling. There was no central DevOps strategy and DevOps engineers were working in a siloed and inefficient manner. There were also no standards for DevOps architecture and no universal vision of how to implement and coordinate DevOps activities and resources.

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Qualitest provided overall governance and consultancy services and managed the wider DevOps team. We changed the siloed way of working by transitioning DevOps duties – automation of the build, build validation, release, deployment and testing, environment, monitoring and reporting activities – from independent contractors to one centralized Qualitest service.

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Qualitest managed a complete transition and knowledge transfer within 4 weeks instead of the planned 12 weeks. This immediately delivered cost savings for the Client by optimizing the way of working and reducing the required DevOps resources by 40%.

The Qualitest team was very prompt in responding to our needs, in the most professional way, and helped us hit the required deadlines on time, and in quality.

Adi Miller, Senior Test Lead, Microsoft


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