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Assure the UK public sector offers the quality the public deserves.

We believe that instilling quality in the public sector software is critical in supporting the innovation driving our public services to deliver the essential services needed to keep the country going.

We’ll serve you so you can serve the people.

From operational command and control and social housing to educational reform and qualifications, we’ll make sure your software performs perfectly and serves your budget well, too.

  • Work with a trusted partner. You can find us on UK government frameworks including G Cloud.
  • Comply with accessibility laws, testing to WCAG 2.1. AA standard.
  • Experienced public sector teams working to GDS service standards.
  • Assure reliability and performance even under stress.
  • Speed up releases with AI and automation.

Helping you to help everyone.

As the public sector continues to be put under strain and scrutiny for every pound it spends, we’ll help you to identify efficiencies in your quality assurance and reduce cost at every opportunity.

Cut Time And Boost Efficiency
Simplify tasks and reduce manual processing time by up to 40% with AI, ML and our automation frameworks.
Secure Sensitive Data
Block breaches of voter data and other confidential information with security built into your SDLC.
Assure Accessibility
About 18% of the UK population is disabled. Make your software easy for everyone to use and win compliance with WCAG 2.1. AA
Drive Peak Performance
Ensure stability, accessibility and reliability even during maximum stress periods, such as returns to school and national emergencies.

We’ll make sure you can handle anything.

As public and private sector activity increasingly moves online, your systems and software need extra endurance. We’ll test your tech until it’s in shape to take on whatever comes its way.

Centralised Quality Excellence
Increase your ability to deliver quality across all projects within your organisation by employing a centralised test function designed to deliver better quality, faster and at a lower cost.
Test Automation
Slash testing costs and save major time. Our continuous data-driven automated testing approach and innovative off the shelf framework gets systems, networks and apps up and running faster and better.
Cyber Security
Those vast amounts of sensitive information you handle for private citizens and companies will be extra-safe. Our dedicated cyber engineers build security into every step of the SDLC.
Performance and Load Testing
We’ll test for functionality under both normal loads and heavy stress, such as virtual town halls or online voting to ensure that when you grow your platform won’t let you down.
Accessibility Testing
We’ll test that your tech can accommodate people with visual, auditory, physical, speech, learning and many other types of disabilities.
UX and Usability Testing
Make sure your design and user interface are user-friendly, defect-free and satisfies government standards for safety and ease of use, such as WCAG 2.1. AA
Qualitest have been a respected supplier of managed testing services to our organisation since 2015. They provide excellent technical consultants to integrate within our Agile Delivery teams onsite and a responsive Non-Functional Testing service from their UK Test Centre. I am more than happy to recommend them.

Raina Nisar, Head of Testing Service, Skills Funding Agency


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