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Whether you’re still on-prem or a true cloud native, every business needs more and more advanced cloud capabilities to keep up with agile competition. Qualitest catalyzes your cloud capabilities to support your digital innovation and your business plan.

Cloud development

Be agile, innovative and secure. Be serverless.

Serverless computing allows organizations and developers to design, build and deploy code without worrying about managing backend servers.

  • Gain cost efficiencies – a cloud architecture reduces the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems.
  • Achieve dynamic scalability – adapt to your situation with enhanced ability to quickly scale up or down operational and storage needs.
  • Stabilize business continuity – minimize downtime and losses of productivity.
  • Futureproof systems – regular automatic updates keep your architecture optimized to run the latest technology.

Work more efficiently, reliably, securely and flexibly.

Boost your applications with a proven combination of hybrid cloud architecture and advanced microservices to deliver comprehensive benefits.

Deploy Quicker
With developers free from server and configurations worries, deployments are faster and downtime is lessened.
Only Pay for What You Use
Major cost savings are offered by migration from on-premises infrastructure to cloud, which offers more accurate per-minute billing.
Enhance Security
Ensuring security of your critical data and business needs is one of the pillars of any cloud service’s well-architected framework.
Deploy Event Triggers
Tie events to triggers using http endpoints, backend job, SDK and command line interfaces.
Increase Collaboration
Allow teams to collaborate on their work remotely, from anywhere, securely.
Ensure Stability Under Stress
Ensure stability, accessibility, and reliability even during maximum stress periods, such as during elections, emergencies or disaster recovery scenarios.
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Empower your business to deploy code to serverless infrastructure.

Our cloud infrastructure services give you advanced turn-key hybrid-cloud capabilities to support the most demanding innovations.

AWS Lambda
We develop new or migrate legacy solutions to the AWS cloud environment using AWS Lambda automated testing. Our expert cloud developers provide solutions to partner product backend to scale growing application usage. We also build web apps, APIs, and data processing solutions with AWS Lambda.
Microsoft Azure
Our cloud developers are expert in rolling out websites built in Azure’s Web Server infrastructure. These include highly scalable cloud applications and APIs to provide user experiences that universally delight customers.
Google Cloud Platform
Outsource your cloud, security and developer tool management. Allow our cloud experts to unlock the full benefits of Google Cloud Platform for enterprise compute, storage, networking, big data, machine learning and the internet of things (IoT).
We use leading DevOps tools and technologies integrated with our best practices for the process of monitoring and logging. We also ensure cost optimized, fast and error free deployment using serverless load testing and tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Chef and Puppet.

A success story

Capturing Event Streaming Data for BrightSpace D2L LMS.

qa testing service


The team faced security challenges transferring critical data like student grades with a realistic possibility of information breach and interception of more personal data.

qa services


To overcome the security concern, double encryption was implemented at the point data passes to Lambda in D2L. Encrypted data is then decrypted and processed by Lambda.

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The team successfully integrated with AWS Lambda after rigorous end to end QA allayed all of the client’s concerns. The client’s feedback about the services our expert team delivered has been very positive.

Qualitest are a true test partner that is supporting our business transformation and rapid change delivery vision by providing leadership, innovation and value for Studio in the testing space.

Mike Leyland, IT Director, Studio Retail


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