We’ll get you ready for Retail 4.0

Digitization of retail has exploded from web-based ecommerce to fundamentally redefine the way customers transact. Qualitest’s retail quality engineering enables the personalized experiences customers now expect on demand and the prompt ultra-reliable fulfilment that only dynamic and deeply integrated supply chain can deliver.


Grasp the retail revolution’s endless possibilities.

From social media selling and direct-to-consumer propositions to experiential retail, AR/VR, the metaverse and warehouses for the future. We’ll support your enterprise software and retail applications to perform seamlessly and make it all effective.

    • Automate supply chains with advanced ERP integrations.
    • Delight customers across all touchpoints.
    • Optimize sales in every existing, new and emerging channel.
    • Speed up innovation with AI and automation.
  • Deeply personalize propositions, experiences and loyalty.

Unbox dynamic digital architecture that’s ready for retail’s new normal.

Create a more efficient, convenient, and enjoyable shopping experience. Empower customers with user-friendly, fast smooth and reliable retail 4.0 experiences that delight them across the channels – In Store, Online and On Devices in a mobile-first world.

Unveil the store of the future

Turn bricks-and-mortar stores into advanced, experiential and customer-centric shopping destinations. Incorporate virtual and augmented reality, artificial intelligence, IoT, connected audio-visual merchandise installations and other cutting-edge technologies to create a more immersive experience. Use data analytics to personalize, integrate on- and offline shopping, automate inventory management and customer service.

Build your direct-to-consumer offering

Bypass retail stores and intermediaries and sell directly to customers. Gain a direct relationship with your customers and take greater control over the customer experience and data collection. Use next-gen e-commerce and social media to target sell whether you’re a digital-native brand or a grand old shop looking to complement your retail operations and reach new customers.

Streamline digital customer journeys

Master mobile 4.0, sharpen social selling and nurture next-gen shopping technologies: artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality, and other advanced technologies. Gain clearly defined strategies for highly optimized and productive omnichannel, channel-less, direct-to-consumer and social-media-as-retail channels.

Excel in customer experience

Achieve high availability and rock-solid reliability along with the performance of platforms after inclusion of XR- Extended Reality(AR-VR-MR) This not only allows retailers to increase footfall but also seamless gathering of data about customer behaviors during their time with the retailers. Implement MDM solutions to achieve ‘Single View of Customer’ seamlessly across the channels offering a Channel-less experience to the customers and never lose a potential sales opportunity.

Make it Black Friday every Friday

Learn to love not to dread promotional periods, holidays and ongoing promotions with highly scalable productivity infrastructure. Qualitest offers specialized services around Chaos Engineering, Peak readiness testing and Promotions & Coupons validation for seamless peak preparations.

Pioneer payments

Seamlessly integrate and deploy cutting-edge customer payment, customer credit, stock procurement and accounting systems. Qualitest offers innovative lab with ‘Robotics Lab’ using the Qualitest’s robotic framework to automate physical cards payments and help achieving truly End of End automation.

Automate supply chains

Integrate intelligence in supply chain using the latest ERP solutions from the market leaders like Blue Yonder, Sterling Commerce and Oracle. Take command of stock movements everywhere achieving Single View of Stock and orders with digital order management and digital inventory management (DIM and DOM).

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Digital Engineering for modern retail leaders.

As retail increasingly digitizes, your systems and software need early testing support for testing front, back end & middleware. We offer capabilities to support Interface testing, Service virtualization and help achieving truly Shift left capabilities for the retail leaders.

Performance Engineering

We test for functionality and optimized user experience under both normal loads and peak periods, such as promotions and holiday seasons.

Interface Testing

We support automation of end-to-end testing of your middleware against your retail business risks to ensure early defect detection and keep your customer- and internal applications performing beyond expectation.

Integration Testing

Give your APIs and integration routines a heavy workout 24/7 with shift-left testing of API endpoints to support modern retail platforms for: inventory management, fulfillment, payment processing, data analytics, customer orders and customer service.


Take the complexity out of your software deployment to give your customers quicker and better new products and product updates with our DevOps transformation services.


Our shift-left testing approach introduces security into every phase of your development journey, identifying vulnerabilities early on and proactively preventing attacks.


Our AI-infused automated testing approaches can reduce test execution time by 50-99%. Empower your business by ensuring precision through rapid, seamless, automated test suites.

Accessibility Testing

We’ll test that your tech can accommodate people with visual, auditory, physical, speech, learning and many other types of disabilities.

Qualitest are a true test partner that is supporting our business transformation and rapid change delivery vision by providing leadership, innovation and value for Studio in the testing space.

Mike Leyland, IT Director, Studio Retail

Success Story

What our clients say: Homebase

Qualitest have been the strategic IT testing partner for Homebase for over a decade. Qualitest deliver Managed Testing Services (MTS) for all projects in Homebase’s digital transformation journey including an ESTA-award nominated high-priority project to replace ageing POS estate.


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