Traditional testing can’t assure your AI systems.
We have the expertise you need.

No matter how effective they’ve been before, old testing methods won’t work with unpredictable, non-rules-based AI/ML systems. To uncover the data issues, errors and biases that can harm your reputation and your business, you need new expertise. Our data scientists-in-test are specially trained to derisk your AI rollout.

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We’ll help you find flawed data and increase model accuracy.

AI/ML mathematical models are based on data collected over long periods of time. The data can become inaccurate, outdated, reflect historical/societal or researcher bias, or no longer match your target user base. We’ve helped clients mitigate the effects of flawed data and optimize model training, with project results that we can also help you achieve.

  • Increase model accuracy by up to 25%.
  • Prevent negative publicity due to perception of bias.
  • Avoid overspend of time and costs to deliver a working model.
  • Ensure smooth integration of AIs with existing and disparate systems.

Profit from a business-aligned AI.

Your business is unlike any other. We’ll collaborate with you on a customized AI/ML solution to address your specific goals, protect your brand, create an exceptional customer experience and raise your technology ROI.

Work with Handpicked AI Specialists
As the world’s leading quality engineering company, we’ve been able to build a dedicated, cross-disciplinary, highly skilled team of data scientists-in-test uniquely capable of providing impartial QE to AI projects.
Switch to an AI Testing Approach
AI systems require novel approaches to quality that are built up from traditional testing methods and new data science expertise. We’ll help your teams adapt their testing approaches to meet the no-rules new realities of AI testing.
Leverage Proprietary AI Testing Tools
Avoid common pitfalls, beginner mistakes and researcher bias with our coaching and proprietary tools, including Qualisense, our powerful one-stop-shop resource for testing of AI. Speed up, simplify and increase accuracy in the main data science functions.
Benefit From In-Depth Industry Expertise
We have a string of successes in AI/ML projects for numerous industries, including world-leading banking, retail, technology, healthcare, insurance brands and more. Gain a competitive advantage with insider information in everything from industry trends to emerging compliance & regulatory issues.
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Qualitest AI Based Testing Services

Wise experts. Experts in the “whys” behind your AI issues.

Your intelligent systems need wise humans to assess, test and monitor their input and output. Our team has the right expertise to do all that, and much more: They know what to look for to find out why and how your AI issues happened, and they’ll help you with test data management to train better model behavior for an effective, sustainable solution.

AI/ML Support at Any/Every Stage
We’re ready to help manage the relational database management system which may be one of the most complex backbones of your entire ERP system
Data Assessment & Interrogation
We’ll scrutinize your data byte by byte and in the big picture, ensuring you don’t over-emphasize or focus too much on one pocket, that your data is still complete and accurate, and that it’s fully tested with the right methods before rollout.
Bias & Error Detection
We’ll identify the human errors that can lead your AIs to draw wrong or inappropriate conclusions, such as preconceived notions, researcher bias, skewed sampling and historical/societal gender or racial stereotypes.
Stability Assurance
Enormous amounts of data are constantly piling up and pouring in. How will your AI deal with new data if your target market changes habits? We know the methods to help you avoid issues such as drifting precision and achieve a higher degree of stability.
Safe Integrations
What are the impacts on your other systems when you adopt AI? What are the risks of regression? Which relationships between your data may no longer be valid? We’ll help you safely deploy and maintain your updated software.
Model Optimization
Our rigorous process optimizes your model’s KPIs by utilizing thousands of statistical tests for fine-tuning more than 45 ML algorithms. Powered by our proprietary AI testing tool, Qualisense, our process searches and verifies hyper parameter changes and features enrichment, while ensuring your model’s overall robustness and stability over time.
We have been presented with a clear and concise view on the coverage achieved and understand where to target additional test effort for future releases. Their technical knowledge and vision and their flexible and innovative approaches to testing have been absolutely crucial to our success… quite simply a great partner.

Shaun Kelly, IT Director, Covea Group


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