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Software testing solutions your members deserve.

As a credit union, your quality assurance is critical to make sure your members get the most out of their money. Ensure your software is top notch with innovative, cost-effective quality assurance to gain peace of mind both for you and your members.

Digital assurance for you, financial assurance for your members.

We have been helping credit unions for the past 15 years to deliver projects that reduce member friction, advance technical capabilities and improve efficiency. Let’s ensure you offer your members the best customer experience.

  • Speed up releases up to 6x.
  • Increase efficiency by up to 40%.
  • Eliminate critical defects from production.
  • Streamline operations and improve member retention.

Ensure your offerings are always on the money for your members.

As a leader in digital and business assurance, we’ve successfully managed projects for many top credit unions. We know how to help professionals like you meet credit unions’ unique challenges.

Offer Defect-Free Member-Facing Applications
We know that member-facing applications have to be free of defects that impact your members’ ability to engage with you. Our software testing expertise ensures a smooth software deployment that benefits your members as well as your business stakeholders.
Gain Deep Expertise In Vendor Systems
Guarantee the vendor systems your business and members rely on, integrate and work flawlessly to ensure you can offer the best customer experience to meet increasing expectations.
Free Up Internal Resources
Reduce your dependence on internal resources for QA & testing tasks that are our expertise, but may be uncertain to you. This allows your team to focus on their day-to-day duties that drive the business and help your Credit Union grow.
Mitigate Risk In Your Organization
Software implementations, upgrades, and conversions are the new normal in the Credit Union industry. We work with you to reduce risk at every step in these crucial projects, eliminating any downtime to the systems your business and members rely on.

Let’s enable you to enable your members.

As your members switch their activity from in-branch services to digital banking, it is crucial you are able to provide a fully integrated and member-centric digital experience across multiple channels. We’ll help you accomplish exactly that.

Core Conversions
When undergoing a core conversion, your members’ financial well-being depends on the new system being implemented accurately and with no disruption to service. Conversions are complex, but we know how to plan for the hurdles and often overlooked areas of these projects.
Merger & Acquisitions Testing
Mergers and acquisitions are infrequent occurrences for most Credit Unions, leaving internal resources inexperienced with common merger tasks. Our M&A services ensure a seamless transition by reducing your dependence on internal resources for tasks that are familiar to us, but uncertain to you.
Temenos Upgrades/Implementations
Temenos customers trusts us to manage the Quality Assurance & Testing of their implementation and upgrade projects. Our deep experience across Temenos’ modules and ability to manage project obstacles ensures a smooth implementation or upgrade effort for your business.
System Integrations
We’ll unify multiple or legacy systems to consolidate end-to-end operations into one smooth, continuous flow.
AI & Automation
Simplify tasks and reduce manual processing time by up to 40% with AI and automation. Speed up releases of new builds and upgrades.
Data Security
Those vast amounts of sensitive information you handle for private citizens and companies will be extra-safe. Our dedicated cyber engineers build security into every step of the SDLC.

A success story

Top Credit Union Successfully Enhances Digital Banking to Attract New Members.


The Client wanted to improve its rating on their customer-facing mobile app to help attract new members. After selecting a new solution, the client decided to convert in 4 months, as opposed to the standard 12-month timeline. Speed to market was essential, but thorough testing was required to ensure there were no critical defects in the new system upon release.


Qualitest obtained, organized and researched existing documents and applications to develop test scenarios for desktop, mobile, and data migration needs. We utilized a combination of Agile and Waterfall to move fast, yet efficiently. We managed test cases/execution as changes occurred throughout the project, up until release, to the tune of 4,274 test cases (both desktop and mobile) and delivered the app to market with no critical defects while aligning to the aggressive timeline.


The Client was able to achieve their aggressive deployment date, avoiding expense variances associated with project delays. Qualitest provided a complete QA test execution framework by developing a full test suite, UAT test suite, and regression suites that can be reused by the Client moving forward. The Client was able to offer an improved customer experience with a more efficient, user-friendly digital platform.

Our banking system upgrade was a major undertaking – one that we took very seriously because our members’ financial well-being depended on it being implemented accurately and with very little disruption to service. For this reason, we made sure to pick only the best partners to work with us. In terms of testing, we had extremely high expectations. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results Qualitest delivered.

President, Credit Union in Harrisburg, PA, USA


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