Accessibility testing your users deserve.

It is mind-blowing, how an average 20% of people using your product have some disability, but most websites are not accessible for them. We know how essential it is for your website and apps to be compliant with W3C’s WCAG and ADA, and our accessibility testing ensures usability for all, including your differently-abled visitors.

Accessibility Testing

Build an inclusive product.

We test by WCAG and ADA standards, making sure you do not miss out on any potential client.

  • Boost your brand’s presence by ensuring ease of access for all.

  • Be compliant with accessibility standards to ensure customer satisfaction and avoid legal consequences.

  • Identify a detailed set of checklists based on accessibility guidelines.

  • Get comprehensive test strategies crafted by our experienced accessibility testers.

Make all your customers feel welcome.

Ensure your app/website is usable by everyone, including those with special needs. Minimize expenditure and get unfailing quality irrespective of the type of device or platform using your product.

Ensure Accessibility Across Multiple Platforms

Be available for everyone, irrespective of the platform (web or mobile), device or operating system (Windows, Android, iOS etc.) you are using with our smart integration processes.

Avoid Legal Penalties

Mitigate risks of non-compliance and chances of being penalized with fines as we provide robust and reliable accessibility solutions.

Get Rapid, Cost-Efficient Solutions

Achieve quick results while spending less, leveraging our global delivery model comprising of Rightshore teams of accessibility experts.

Receive Insightful Improvement Recommendations

Improve your accessibility testing strategy and make your website/app compliant with accessibility standards utilizing our expert recommendations and advice.

Accessibility Across Multiple Platforms
Minimize Software Testing Costs
reduce testing feedback
Test in the real world

Turnkey accessibility services.

We will help you define the right priorities by identifying what critical issues you should address and how to solve them.

Full Accessibility Testing and Recommendations

We conduct a through analysis of your products – websites, mobile/desktop apps, documentation – recommend solutions and carry out remediations. We ensure WCAG 2.1 and ADA compliance, as well as 508 compliance in the US and provide a significantly improved user experience.

Paired Testing Approach

We have an integrated team of certified sighted and non-sighted accessibility engineers who cover all aspects of testing to ensure real-life experience meets expectations.

Innovative Accessibility Testing Tools and Methods

We follow a shift-left testing approach and our accessibility testing experts are proficient in handling the best tools in the market like A-Checker, Access Color, Functional Accessibility Evaluator etc.

End-to-End Testing Using a Hybrid Approach

Our dedicated team of experts utilizes automated and manual functional testing, with detailed monitoring from development to deployment.

Customized Test Scripts According to Standards

We tailor our test scripts according to your compliance requirements and people with genuine accessibility needs, create them to cover every parameter set out in the guidelines.

Detailed Reports for Each Build

We provide comprehensive reports defining areas of compliance and non-compliance along with remediation assistance on prioritizing the most critical concerns.

Document Accessibility

We provide remediation for issues with PDF, PPT and Word documents to ensure that they are accessible.

Web Descriptions

Our subject matter experts write optimized alt texts, long descriptions, video captions and more to ensure all page elements are accessible.

Working with Qualitest enabled us to launch our mobile brand in a very short period of time, with the confidence that it was a reliable and high-quality product.

Patricio Lobos, Director, Quam (Movistar)


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