Accelerate, train,
protect and perfect AI developments.

Take your raw business data to the forefront of innovation with an advanced AI development platform that’s already launched some of the most incredible AI technologies in existence right through to commercially operational applications.


Develop robust AI applications.

De-risk latent vulnerabilities in the AI development process, so your AI applications reach, maintain and exceed their full potential:

  • Deliver maximum business benefits – data-backed insights ensure model outcome will meet business needs.

  • Simplify and rationalize – highly organize and pre-process data for exemplary modeling.

  • Create and validate perfectly using AI-infused techniques – create, test and validate your model’s outcome solves business challenges.

  • Deploy safely – de-risk adoption of AI models for safe production implementation.

Achieve predictable outputs aligned to business strategy.

In synch with your business requirements, we use top-notch AI technologies to de-risk your modelling processes during the build phase. By utilizing our proprietary AI software suite, our data science team validates that any model you create meets your business goals and is ready and safe to move into your production environment.

Accelerate adoption.

Gain better analysis and articulation of why the model is being built, what it’s for, who it will benefit and what KPIs can be used to measure success.

Unearth more in-scope data.

Get better in-depth insights that are based on scientific approach and techniques before grading suitability for various models.

Optimize preparation for AI model deployment.

Safely identify any split, shuffle, prios or leakage. Classify and validate data model features to include, exclude, create or engineer.

Validate data models.

Validate your AI data-model training methodologies, cost functions and hyperparameters. Check how your model will generalize on new data.

Evolve dynamically with your business needs.

Gain more visibility of how your model will perform vs your business needs, its impact on connected systems and any areas for improvement.

Achieve seamless deployments.

Confidently articulate how and where model will deploy and assign monitoring and maintenance tasks for critical final safety checks, post-deployment improvements and seamless accuracy drift monitoring.

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AutoML – a multidimensional platform for building AI models.

Our AutoML platform is an end-to-end solution for creating AI prediction models in a guided process that focuses on delivering an AI model for classification and regression challenges automatically.

Natural Language Processing

Qualisense, one of our intelligent automation solutions, is packed with 40+ AI algorithms and has an NLP (Natural Language Processing) engine and the ability to conduct Business Intelligence tasks as part of the development process.

Automated Data Science

Qualisense saves up to 80% of manual tedious data science work and lets team members concentrate on solving the business challenge and gaining an explainable AI model that is easy to be inserted into the production environment.

Dynamic Interface Validation

Visual validation of rich media layouts is currently a predominantly manual process. Qualisense Test.Validator uses cutting edge deep learning and computer vision technologies to analyze your application’s UI. It recognizes contents and translates UI elements into simple descriptions that can be automatically validated.

A success story

Global Multi-line Insurer Validates and Improves AI ‘Next Best Offer’ Function.

testing solution card


This global multi-line insurer was using a non-performant AI rule engine for its next best offer (NBO) functionality. The accuracy was demonstrably lacking and we used our Qualisense AI tool to improve performance resulting in a 12% increase in sales call success rate.

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Qualisense AI-tool was implemented to benchmark in-use, bespoke NBO modelling and replace with new models using Qualisense.

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The improved AI model for NBO delivered a 12% increase in sales call success rate.

Qualitest’s professional team of data scientists enabled us to significantly improve our AI solution and the results of the marketing campaigns quickly and efficiently. This provided us with brand new insights that allowed us to maximize our marketing efforts and results.

Head of Analytics, world-leading university.


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