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Qualitest helps healthcare organizations deliver best in class quality of care by monetizing data, improving stability of IT systems, improving data quality, and accelerating digital transformation while ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations and security of patient information.


We’ll fast-track your software to the best health ever.

With 20 years’ testing experience and vast industry knowledge, we’re uniquely positioned to help you meet increasing demands for interoperability and compliance. We’ll decrease testing time and costs too.

  • Speed up releases by up to 6x.

  • Increase efficiency by at least 40%.

  • Strengthen data security with our early-detection cyber approach.

  • Streamline your systems with AI and automation.

Derisk your transition to enterprise applications.

As the industry continues its mandated move to enterprise applications, serious threats to safety, security, costs and quality of care keep emerging. Minimize your risk and maximize the potential of enterprise applications to improve patient care.

Make Your Enterprise Systems Talk To Each Other

Healthcare software are developed by different vendors at different times don’t naturally share information, but we know how to integrate disparate systems and enable a smooth, secure, accessible data stream.

Avoid Harmful Usability Errors

Even minuscule input errors can result in calamitous misinformation on a medical chart. Our usability protocols protect doctors and patients by stopping accidents before they happen.

Safeguard Patient Data And Prevent Hipaa Hassles

As of 2019, the average HIPAA fine was $1.5 million. We’ll keep your patient data safe and keep you compliant with all regulations to avoid fines, fees and work disruptions.

Cut Costs And Raise ROI

We’ll help you drive down testing costs and substantially boost efficiency with our automated continuous testing approach and skilled use of AI and ML.

Improve App Store Ratings

Increase customer satisfaction by offering a flawless user experience through our best practices and expert QA as we help you maximize your app’s potential.

Create A Connected Care Ecosystem Through Digital Technology (Digital Health)

We enable our customer to create a connected care model to ensure care is provided at the right time, in the right place, and at the right cost. Our AI/ML competency helps our clients develop a predictive model to avoid adverse episodes.

engineer working on automation testing
app testing on all devices
Quality Insight
Strategic Automation
Test in the real world
Accessibility Across Multiple Platforms

We prioritize digital. Right after human.

Our solutions are driven by cutting-edge technology, but we’re always thinking of how humans actually use the software. Trust us to help you make every health care transaction safer, easier and more user-friendly. We help our customers accelerate their digital transformation through DevOps and DevSecOps.

Usability Testing

Our comprehensive usability, UX and UI testing solutions, including our 24/7 managed crowd testing services, will send bugs big and small scurrying from system design and user interface.

Compliance Testing

We’ll make sure your systems satisfy the latest, most stringent government standards for safety and ease of use, as well as deliver high customer satisfaction.

Shift-Left Cyber QA

Our dedicated cyber practice integrates security into every stage of the SDLC to spot vulnerabilities sooner and mitigate risk. Each hospital records breach costs about $3 million—and there are hundreds a year.

Performance & Load Testing

We integrate performance engineering into your CI/CD pipeline to detect bottlenecks early in the SDLC. Your systems will operate at peak performance even when a health crisis spikes sudden high demand.

ERP Testing & Integrations

Our partnerships with SAP, Oracle and other major ERP brands give us unique options and assure a unified end-to-end experience across your healthcare organization.


Our DevOps Engineers can help you build a CI/CD infrastructure to accelerate digital transformation and improve speed-to-market.


Security is at the center of our solutions. Our security engineers work with product teams to ensure security requirements are considered at the inception stage of a product and embed security tools and methodology in the CI/CD pipeline.

Data Monetization and System integration Derisking

We help clients derisk transformation programs by implementing out-of-the-box accelerators and AI/ML-based tools, and proven methodology to reduce program risks.

Cloud Enablement

We will help you migrate your applications to cloud, and assure data quality and proper integration.

Agile in GXP and Validation

We work closely with the Quality Management Office (QMO) to define precise methodology for meeting validation specifications. This enables the validation team to get immediate feedback from users during sprint review sessions and include any changes in sprint backlogs, planning and executions. By focusing on validating GXP in agile the intend use of system application capabilities can be defined quickly and easily.

Validation for Pharmacovigilance (PV)

PV systems are regulated ones that must be validated, with adverse event reports for products worldwide according to local, regional and global regulations. Our strong experience with supporting PV validation ensures systems are valid and their processes are fully controlled.

Validation in Cloud for COTS Products

eQMS and eTMF are crucial cloud based GxP systems that support processes for change controls, audits, deviations lab results and other QMS. Our extensive experience in implementing, validating, project management and operations of QMS for both on-premise and cloud based QMS solutions  ensures support processes  are deployed successfully on SaaS models.

A success story

Qualitest Helps St. Andrew’s Healthcare Create Roadmap to Quality Engineering

testing solution card


The Client wanted to improve its rating on their customer-facing mobile app to help attract new members. After selecting a new solution, the client decided to convert in 4 months, as opposed to the standard 12-month timeline. Speed to market was essential, but thorough testing was required to ensure there were no critical defects in the new system upon release.

testing solution icon


Qualitest obtained, organized and researched existing documents and applications to develop test scenarios for desktop, mobile, and data migration needs. We utilized a combination of Agile and Waterfall to move fast, yet efficiently. We managed test cases/execution as changes occurred throughout the project, up until release, to the tune of 4,274 test cases (both desktop and mobile) and delivered the app to market with no critical defects while aligning to the aggressive timeline.


The Client was able to achieve their aggressive deployment date, avoiding expense variances associated with project delays. Qualitest provided a complete QA test execution framework by developing a full test suite, UAT test suite, and regression suites that can be reused by the Client moving forward. The Client was able to offer an improved customer experience with a more efficient, user-friendly digital platform.

Qualitest developed an automation framework to script, execute, provide source control and integration with Florida Hospital’s Quality Assurance tracking tools. I found them to be highly qualified, flexible and provided great value. I would recommend them to anyone looking for assistance in test automation.

Marshall Ebright, Administrative Director, Florida Hospital


Diagnosis: Systems at risk. Rx: Qualitest.

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