Digital Quality Engineering Solutions for NextGen Open Banking and Omnichannel Experience across Financial Services.

We’ll help you embrace transformation with confidence by leveraging our customized quality engineering solutions. We help validate embedded banking through banks-fintech partnerships, personalized insights/virtual assistant-led banking implementations, payment modernizations and more.


Deliver business-resilient applications with domain-focused QE capabilities.

Hit the ground running from day 1. With our quality engineering expertise across banking, financial services and credit unions, you can shape the future in payments, digital channels, credit services, digital core, as well as commercial corporate banking, investment banking and trade finance.

  • Optimize omni-channel QA cycle time up to 6x.

  • Gain ~100% coverage through AI prediction.

  • Improve automation coverage by 40%.

  • Reduce regression testing up to 80%.

Achieve higher quality through AI-powered QA optimization and Prediction.

Through our AI-led quality engineering solutions, we help in future proofing the digital bank’s environment by addressing the core methodologies and emerging technologies related to open banking platforms, fintech integrations and AI-enabled analytics and virtual assistants.

Accelerate Concept To Cash

We help implement continuous quality through AI-led solutions to enable accelerated development cycle time so you can achieve faster implementation of products and ideas to reach targeted business revenue goals ahead of your competition.

Gain Empathy-Driven Customer Experience

Leverage our unified solution of multichannel QE frameworks, real-world user personas based on crowd test capabilities and CX/UX journey map analytics, which enhance your customer experience transformation objectives and accelerates adoption and usage of digital and open banking initiatives.

Improve Your Customers’ Omnichannel Experience

Get end-to-end quality across devices and systems. Banking focused Robotics and AI led Quality Engineering capabilities validating the core integrations of devices such as ATMs, Card Payments, Virtual Banking Solutions.

Manage Risk With Greater Precision

Our Qualisense scriptless AI platform can help you model risk management, testing and validation for all compliance and regulatory risk requirements and cybercrime/security control validations.

seamless deployment
app testing on all devices
ai driven test automation
QA Services

Customized solutions for banking to meet dynamic disruptions and evolving digital technologies.

Leverage multichannel QA automation frameworks for digital banking technologies, use of Phygital Robotics for End to End automation of ATM, point of sale payment terminals, implement nextgen chaos engineering frameworks and cyber security solutions to meet the demands of modern customer experience transformation programs.

Payment Channels Modernization

We offer holistic testing for payment API and automation strategies across all integration layers of merchant terminals, payment processors, exchange networks and financial institutions through services automation, virtualized interfaces, robotics and simulators.

Trade Reconciliations

Data reconciliation/validation of FIX Messages for Trader Orders and Fills using scriptless data automation, investment banking testing services and pipeline tools highlighting trade anomalies and enable remediation for same day processing, resubmissions of orders.

Omnichannel Customer Experience Transformation

We’ll provide mobile and browser cloud devices-based automation strategies to validate across all operating systems and mobile device form factors with integrated performance engineering solutions.

Digital Assistants/Virtual Banking Solutions

Gain end-to-end automation for AI-enabled chatbots and digital assistant solutions through automated intent and utterance generation capabilities and integration with leading AI orchestration engines.

A success story

Mobile Banking App Delivers Flawless Customer Experience – Any Place, Any Bandwidth

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Our Client needed its mobile banking app to deliver new and better features to customers fast, whatever their location or bandwidth. This demanded agile dev rollouts and advanced testing capabilities to cover global but highly localized instances of the app.

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We created a customized public-private hybrid-cloud solution with an accompanying Sauce Labs Continuous Testing Cloud analytics suite, including universal mobile emulators and simulators. We then mapped and deployed over 40 iterations of the app to global geolocation personas and scenarios.


Qualitest’s hybrid-cloud solution ensured global consistency and is now used with continuous deployment, continuous improvements, speed and parallelization across vast territories spanning varied regulatory requirements, bandwidth deviations, devices and browsers.

In addition to capable test engineers and a cost-effective global engagement model, they have consistently delivered value and thought leadership. Their proactive approach has helped MultiPlan drive continuous improvement throughout our testing organization.

Andrew George, Vice President Strategy & Planning, MultiPlan


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