Meet your Enterprise and IT challenges with the right Energy expertise.

Face the modern challenges of the energy sector with smooth enterprise system implementations, including SAP S/4HANA, Oracle, and Workday. Our expertly tailored quality engineering solutions, including our pre-built automated test libraries and AI-driven test approaches help ensure that your systems are fast, efficient, reliable, and compliant with evolving regulation.

Stay on top of the energy sector.

With 20 years of experience, we’ll fully support your initiatives to ensure your business is able to progress, evolve, and keep you in the forefront of the oil and gas sector.

  • Accelerate your Enterprise system deployments with pre-built automated process libraries.
  • Reduce operational costs through error-free IT modernization.
  • Demonstrate clear progress with Net Zero commitments.
  • Strengthen cyber security with our early-detection, shift-left approach.

Face the present and future of oil and gas with full business assurance.

The challenges to the oil and gas industry are constantly evolving, and with so much uncertainty and instability, speed, accuracy and actionability of data are key. We’ll help you ensure you are well-equipped to face any current and future challenge.

Enhance Your Security
Design, develop and deliver a customized security solution that reflects the way you and your team operate.
Fully Adopt Automation and RPA
Enable your people to focus on high-value activities by employing test and process automation. Identify patterns in previous behavior in order to gain insight for future decisions.
Close Knowledge Gaps
Increase operational efficiencies to reduce cost through our knowledge of your business and technology transformations.
Improve Customer Experience
Ensure your customers enjoy a flawless digital experience through expert crowd testing and UX assurance.
reduce software testing costs
app testing on all devices
blockchain testing solutions
Quality Insight

You need capabilities that will take you further.

We will provide you with the tailored solution your business needs based on our years of experience and our work with the world’s leading brands. Gain peace of mind with a true quality partner so you can focus on what you do best. Our capabilities include:

Enterprise Systems Integrations
Leveraging our SAP and Oracle partnerships, we’ll tailor seamless integrations for smoother reporting, record-keeping and communication.
Derisked Digital Transformation
We’ll help you enable an effortless cloud transition and reduce risks with automation, ML and our AI-powered testing tool, Qualisense.
Performance and Load Testing
We’ll test for functionality under both normal loads and heavy stress, such as energy market events, storms and system outages.
Verification & Validation (V&V)
We’ll independently assess whether your tech meets its requirements and use automated and manual testing to validate its usability.
Managed Crowd Testing
Our enormous pool of real-world users can test any mobile phone or device as well as any platform, OS or network 24/7.
Assisting your SDLC through the automation of tasks throughout the life cycle. We help our customers integrate development, testing, security, performance, and infrastructure deployment into a single seamless process.
Analytics and Metrics Reporting
Our fully customizable metrics and analytics platform provides insight into your quality engineering and IT program initiatives.
Accessibility Testing
We’ll test that your tech can accommodate people with visual, auditory, physical, speech, learning and many other types of disabilities.

A success story

Performance Testing One-Stop Solution for Leading Multinational Oil and Gas Company

qa testing service


The Client wanted to establish multiple performance testing requirements. The client needed help building a strong performance testing process, reporting, isolating bottlenecks & more.

qa services


Qualitest provided a holistic solution based on the client’s specific performance testing requirements. We helped set up performance objectives, predicting potential performance failures and isolating their root cause.

software testing graph


The client was able to move forward with a tailored testing strategy. We enabled early detection of bottlenecks, helping in overall reduction of up to 30% development costs and time to market.

Qualitest helped us focus our energies in the right place… their experience of other SAP Upgrade projects means they know where to focus the effort, hence we knew where we needed to prioritize our time.

Jonathan Milne, Test Manager, Howdens Joinery


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