Ensure flawless SCADA functionality.

Your utilities customers trust you to keep the power on 24/7/365. Trust our cost-conscious quality engineering solutions and 20 years’ smart grid and automation experience to assure the fast, reliable SCADA system you need.


We’ll help save costs and increase uptime.

SCADA systems raise reliability and cut operating costs for utilities, but they need specialized testing with distribution automation (DA) devices as well as external and customer-facing systems to ensure smooth connectivity and functionality, We’ve led numerous utilities partners to a successful rollout.

  • Benefit from unique SCADA testing experience. Seasoned professionals with over 20 years of experience.

  • Achieve highest-level compliance with NERC-CIP standards.

  • Ensure smooth integrations, customized for any and all apps and systems.

  • Cut testing costs up to 80% with AI-powered automation.

Increase reliability. Reduce restoration time. Gain happier customers.

Assure your SCADA system achieves a premier level of reliability, performance, and quality to deliver the real-time data that control centers and crews need to achieve operations resiliency and customer satisfaction.

Verify UX at Less Cost

We’ll verify functionality and performance of your SCADA solution regardless of platform location—either on premise or in the Cloud–in our Compatibility Lab, replicating and improving user experience and decreasing test costs.

Reduce Business Risk

We’ll sync our risk reduction strategy to your business needs and customize our proprietary functional testing framework, Functional Readiness, for your project.

Choose Your Ideal Delivery Model

Choose from onshore/offshore delivery models for cost-effectiveness and quick ramp-up. Gain unique value from our massive global footprint and wide cultural/language understanding.

See Real-Time Test Results

See up-to-the-minute test data summaries at a glance on your customized dashboard for traceability, high-level reporting and better project governance.

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Minimize Software Testing Costs

Full SCADA services & support, fully customized for your project.

We offer a comprehensive, flexible suite of SCADA quality engineering services. Our testing capabilities support all application types and all system architectures, with successful outcomes in both Agile and traditional environments. We’ll collaborate with you on a custom plan.

Full SCADA Support

We can design, build, test, implement and maintain all your utility’s SCADA processes and functions. Our services cover updating electrical drawings, maintaining databases of field points, testing field equipment and much more.

Data & Display Engineering

We’ll provide all long-term data and display maintenance services, including data modeling and testing for quality, functionality, performance and user acceptance.

System Integration

We’ll oversee the integration and deployment of custom interfaces for SCADA implementations, providing project management, environmental controls, software testing and change management services.

System Compliance & Monitoring

We’ll manage NERC CIP compliance issues, committing to the same high level of compliance we used to earn the Gold Standard for one utility client’s external NERC CIP audit.

RTU Data Feed Acquisition & Consolidation

We’ll test to ensure accurate integration of new and modified RTUs and data concentrators. Our testing services range from hands-on setup and use of test simulators to listen-mode system verification and coordination with field personnel for end-to-end point verification.

Performance Testing

We’ll plan and deliver on scaled performance testing to validate system performance under storm conditions when network and user activity is at its peak.

Functional Testing

We approach testing using a smart, risk-based approach applying scrutiny and deploying test resources to those areas of greatest risk to SCADA: data and display conversions, interface integrations and platform configuration.

The Qualitest team was very prompt in responding to our needs, in the most professional way, and helped us hit the required deadlines on time, and in quality.

Adi Miller, Senior Test Lead, Microsoft


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