Optimize blockchain’s potential with domain-aligned quality engineering.

Unlock blockchain’s full power to improve data integrity, security, transparency, traceability and more with blockchain-certified quality engineering tailored to your industry and business processes.

Qualitest blockchain testing

Book blockchain’s benefits faster.

Your business-critical blockchain solutions will be up and running sooner and smoother with a quality team who knows blockchain testing, business and how to save implementation time and costs.

  • Start a step ahead with our intimate knowledge of blockchain platforms such as Ethereum, R3 Corda and Hyperledger.

  • Sync with strategic goals in digital identity, insurance, capital markets, decentralized finance (DeFi), media & entertainment, supply chain management and other business processes and domains.

  • Reduce testing time and costs with automated end-to-end regression testing of smart contracts and decentralized applications.

  • Improve time to value with our reusable assets and test accelerators.

Assure business flows.

Our certified blockchain testing quality engineers ensure seamless data flows and data privacy across nodes by verifying business processes, roles, permissions, and order of alignment in your ledger.

Build a reliable and resilient platform.

Our engineers will evaluate platform architecture and nodes performance under fault-tolerance conditions and load simulation techniques, ensuring reliable data synchronization and process resilience.

Reduce testing feedback time with automation.

Using our in-house test automation framework, we’ll identify and automate all necessary regression tests and integrate them into your CI/CD pipeline, resulting in potential release time savings of up to 60 percent.

Release with confidence.

Smart/business contracts can’t be modified once they’re in the chain, but no worries: We’ll create a test plan that will enable continuous testing feedback so only error-free applications are released into production.

Focus on your business.

Free up your SMEs’ valuable time to concentrate on core aspects of your business. Our in-depth familiarity with blockchain’s unique challenges and requirements has you covered.

building a reliable testing platform
reduce testing feedback
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qualitest team is familiar with blockchain testing challenges

We’ll build you a roadmap to blockchain success.

We’ll help define your overall test strategy and identify the precise mix of test coverage, environments, and testing tool ecosystem your blockchain development or implementation requires.

Performance and Scalability Testing

To identify scalability and latency issues common with blockchain, we’ll test for functionality under normal loads and heavy stress, simulating real-world scenarios that cover transaction verification, consensus validation and data transmission across nodes.

Test Automation and Continuous Testing

Our in-house adaptive test automation frameworks make automated test case implementation easy and cost-effective. We’ll shift-left by integrating testing into your DevOps process and achieve effective test coverage across the pyramid while slashing overall costs.

Security Testing

As more organizations are added as nodes, data privacy, security and trust become more complex and critical. Our security testing team will conduct static and dynamic tests across decentralized apps, UI, wallets and network penetration tests.

Systems and Integration Testing

Leveraging our long-standing ERP application expertise, which includes SAP and Oracle partnerships, we’ll tailor your end-to-end tests and integrations for smoother reporting, record-keeping and communication.

Blockchain Platform Design Testing

We’ll independently assess whether your core blockchain platform–Corda, Ethereum, Hyperledger–and the consensus protocol used are fault-tolerant, consistent and resilient by conducting scenarios that simulate failures and threats.

Smart Contract and Decentralized Application Testing

Our domain-aligned test strategy includes business logic defined in contracts, role-based permissions and associated flows per business process.

A success story

Test Automation Speeds Up Blockchain Release Time for Financial Services Provider

testing solution card


The Client, a digital asset infrastructure provider for institutional investors, has built decentralized apps and protocols. Considerable high growth and onboarding of new customers without a dedicated QA team brought risks of releasing bugs into the production network.

testing solution icon


Qualitest provided overall QA strategy and approach. Our domain knowledge and expertise in testing blockchain apps helped us identify business-critical tests. Our QA specialists built a test automation framework and implemented the QA governance for each release.

testing graph icon


The Qualitest-recommended strategy and approach has reduced the Client’s regression testing timeline by 60% for every release, immediately delivering cost savings by reducing the test feedback cycle and releasing faster to market.

Qualitest are a true test partner that is supporting our business transformation and rapid change delivery vision by providing leadership, innovation and value for Studio in the testing space.

Mike Leyland, IT Director, Studio Retail


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