Optimize omnichannel experiences with expert POS testing.

Simplify purchasing, enhance customer support and streamline daily operations with a digital Point-of-Service (POS) system tailored to your business processes and tested to perfection.

POS Testing

We’ll un-complicate complex integrations.

With online and mobile sales soaring, a modernized POS is becoming SOP for retail, hospitality, personal services and many other businesses. Assure defect-free integration of your implementation or upgrade with legacy and third-party systems.

  • Achieve seamless integrations with OMS, WMR, TMS and other technologies.

  • Assure EMV compliance and avoid fraud liability.

  • Double test output with no budget increase.

  • Speed up releases. up to 6x with AI and automation.

Step up user satisfaction the easy way.

You want a POS that delivers a faster, safer, easier buying experience. We’ll do the hard work to make that happen, with quality testing that’s easy on your budget.

Reduce Project Lead Time

Leverage our years of experience optimizing POS systems in various industries and deep, detailed knowledge of SAP, Oracle and other Enterprise technologies. We’ll hit the ground running on Day One of your project.

Test Less, Get More

Accelerate releases up to 6x and improve accuracy with Qualisense, our data-driven, automated testing tool that prioritizes testing based on business impact.

Boost Efficiency

Automate time-consuming, tedious manual processes and raise efficiency as much as 40 percent with our customized automated frameworks and strategic use of AI and ML.

Assure EMV Compliance

Guard customer data and protect yourself from fraud liability losses with rigorous testing against the international technological standard for credit, debit and smart card payments.

faster software testing
Minimize Software Testing Costs
Test in the real world
maximize customer experience

Count on us to have all the right connections.

Your POS is the hub of your business activity, where customer and operational interactions meet and merge. We’ll develop a testing plan tailored to your specific business processes and priorities that will connect you with success.

System Integration Testing

Streamline and merge complex inventory management, sales, ordering, customer support and specialized third-party systems for a smooth, unified POS.

Derisked Data Migrations

Assure secure migrations of sensitive customer and sales data from third-party vendors and disparate systems with our integrity and data quality checks and automated reconciliation protocols.

End-to-End Testing

We’ll meet the challenges of testing E2E functional flows from POS to warehouse to product delivery for a comprehensive digital transformation.

Cloud Testing

Cloud POS systems are fast, flexible and scalable. If Cloud is your choice, we can replicate real world usage with increased coverage at a reduced cost.

Performance & Load Testing

Your POS must be robust enough to handle seasonal or sale-related spikes in demand. We’ll stress-test your system to ensure it’s ready for anything.

Mobile Testing

More customers now shop on mobile devices than on desktop. Our tailored tool-agnostic solutions include device coverage, mobile and app functionalities, session management, geo-fencing and network virtualization.

Targeted UX Testing

Our enormous 24/7 crowd testing capability provides a true user perspective on usability, functionality, accessibility and more across regions and devices.

User Acceptance Testing

We’ll test your optimized POS against user and business scenarios to ensure flawless performance and compliance with customer requirements.

We brought Qualitest in to help us ensure the project delivered on time and to the requisite quality.

Kathryn Palmer, IS Director, Twinings


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