Assure DO-178 compliance with our expert software testing.

How can you be sure your safety and mission-critical software meets DO-178 B/C and DO-254 standards for certification? We’ve proven our ability to deliver compliant avionics software multiple times over 8 years. Fly safer with us.

We’ll deliver compliant software and savings too.

Our smart, rigorous testing strategies and in-depth industry knowledge will ensure absolutely safe software with maximum efficiency and cost control.

  • Meet requirements for DO-178 B/C and DO-254 certification.
  • Ensure compatibility with military and civil standards.
  • Speed up releases by up to 6x.
  • Save on testing spend by up to 40%.


Even a minor avionics software defect can drag down your reputation. A big one can be catastrophic. Rise above all defects with our unique testing skills, tech and tools.

Drive Peak Performance
Count on the higher levels of stability, accessibility and reliability that avionics software requires.
Accelerate Releases
Save time and reduce cost with our continuous integration, test automation, full coverage and Agile methodology.
Find Bugs Faster
Our shift-left testing approach identifies defects earlier in the SDLC, when they can be fixed with less expense and risk of delay.
Improve Accuracy with AI/ML
Select and prioritize tests using data and improve accuracy up to 80 percent with Qualisense, our proprietary risk-based testing tool.
Accessibility Across Multiple Platforms
app testing on all devices
discussing quality engineering
Qualitest AI Based Testing Services

Complex systems demand comprehensive solutions.

Our rigorous, top-to-bottom solutions include testing systems and subsystems, unit testing, code coverage and operational and safety testing.

Pre-Audit Assessment
We will determine whether your software meets requirements and specifications and also fulfills its intended user purpose. We’ll supply excellent documentation for audit and compliance.
Performance Testing
We integrate performance engineering into your CI/CD pipeline so bottlenecks are detected early in the SDLC. And we’ll test your software under different conditions and stresses to make sure it delivers consistent performance at all times.
Shift-Left Cyber Security
Security is a grave threat for aerospace and defense. We build security into every stage of your SDLC to spot vulnerabilities early and mitigate risk.
Test Automation
Our customized test automation strategies and intelligent automation frameworks minimize risks and focusing on continuous integration.
Right-Shore Testing
Optimize costs, quality and convenience with the optimal testing locations. Leverage our massive global force of 3600 quality engineers and testing centers all over the world.
Digital Transformation
We’ll help you accelerate your digital capabilities to drive new growth without business disruption or risk through our AI-driven end-to-end digital assurance testing solutions.
EADS engaged Qualitest to work on a strategically critical project which was successful in securing a high profile Public Service contract from the UK Government. . . . The significance of this project to EADS and its future cannot be overstated, and the role played by Qualitest in providing test expertise has had a very positive impact on this success.

Steve Whitby, EADS (Defense Contractor)


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